Lyft Now Conducts Nationwide Continuous Driving Record Screening

Poster - continuous-driving-checks

We want every Lyft ride to be safe for everyone in the car. That’s why we hold all members of our community to a high standard of conduct. Criminal background and DMV checks are a fundamental part of our approach to safety. We require all drivers to pass rigorous, professionally administered screenings before they can get on the road with Lyft. Since April 2019, we have continuously monitored active drivers for new criminal offenses that appear on their records. 

Now, in partnership with SambaSafety, the market leader in driver information and monitoring, we’re proud to announce that we have expanded our screening to include nationwide continuous driving record checks. SambaSafety will provide Lyft with near-real-time insight into drivers’ new driving citations, enabling us to quickly deactivate drivers who no longer meet Lyft’s safety standards. Lyft is now the only rideshare service that continuously monitors driving records nationwide.  

If someone doesn’t pass our ongoing criminal and DMV screenings, they can’t drive with Lyft. It’s as simple as that. And with continuous criminal and driving record monitoring, we are able to immediately deactivate drivers who receive disqualifying criminal convictions or driving citations.

“Driver and community safety are fundamental to Lyft, and this partnership with SambaSafety reinforces that commitment. The data and monitoring provided by SambaSafety will allow Lyft to recognize our safest drivers and to take fast, corrective actions on those individuals who violate our safety standards,” said Alix Rosenthal, Vice President of Compliance at Lyft.

In the future, Lyft plans to deliver proactive communication to let drivers know how they’re doing — and to recognize excellent driving. 

Our partnership with SambaSafety is a part of our ongoing commitment to the safety of our community. We continue to build safety tools into the Lyft app to protect our community before, during, and after every ride. Learn more about our comprehensive approach to safety.