So you have questions about bikes?

How does Citi Bike®️ work in the Lyft app?

How much does it cost to ride a bike?

How do I find bikes/docks in the app?

Can I use my Citi Bike annual membership to unlock a bike in the Lyft app?

Where can I ride a Citi Bike?

What are the requirements to ride a Citi Bike using the Lyft platform?

How do I unlock a Citi Bike?

Where can I park a Citi Bike?

How do I end a ride?

Can I rent a Citi Bike for my friend, too?

How do I report a broken bike?

Do you offer any discounted plans or flat-rate rides?

Can I request a bike ride from my computer?

What are the legal documents for bikes?

What about helmet safety?

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