Meet the ebike

Our eye-catching ebike is durable, easy to use, and adjustable to fit most riders.

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Do the electric ride

Our hybrid ebike comes with a cable to lock to any Breeze station or to park within any corral for free. You can also lock to a public bike rack within the West Los Angeles service area for an extra $1.


Get started

Tap the (bike) icon to select a station near you. Then scan the QR code between the handlebars or on the rear fender to unlock and you’re ready to ride!

You can also reserve an ebike up to 10 minutes ahead of time to ensure availability. You’ll be charged by the minute during this window (in addition to the $1 unlock fee once you get to the ebike).

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Pre-ride check

  1. Adjust the seat to fit your height.
  2. Check the tires and squeeze the brakes.
  3. Something amiss? Keep the ebike locked and tap the (flag) in the upper right-hand corner of your Lyft app to report the problem. Then choose a different bike.
  4. Pedal to start — and get going.
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Where to ride

Ebikes may be unlocked and ridden anywhere within the West Los Angeles service area. Please ride your bike in the street or in a bike lane when it’s available. And don’t ride on the sidewalk unless it’s part of a designated route or you’re about to park.


Follow traffic laws

Santa Monica motor vehicle laws apply to cars, scooters, and yep: bicycles. This means you must stop at red lights and stop signs, ride in the same direction as traffic, and leave crosswalks clear for pedestrians.

Wear a helmet

Pack your helmet

Please always wear a helmet. It’s the safer way to ride (and all the cool kids are doing it).

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Ride around, all around

With miles of service area and 80 Breeze stations and parking corrals, Lyft ebikes get you where you’re going. Visit our map to find your next two-wheeled adventure.


Ending your ride

To end your ride, use the attached cable to lock your ebike to any Breeze station, or lock the bike to itself when parked in a corral. You can also lock to any public bike rack within the West Los Angeles service area for an extra $1. Please don’t lock the ebike to itself outside a corral; or lock to trees, signposts, private property, or any other structures — this will incur a fee.

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