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Los Angeles.

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So, Lyft offers bikes now?

We sure do. Ebikes are available in Santa Monica & areas of West Los Angeles, starting at just $1 to unlock + $0.34/min.* Check your Lyft app for availability. Whether you’re going that first mile or that last mile, ebikes are a fun, affordable way to get around town.

Leave Traffic in the dust


When you’re in the service area, the (bike) icon will appear at the bottom of your Lyft app homescreen.

Leave Traffic in the dust


Tap ‘Unlock a bike’ in the Lyft app, then scan the QR code between the handlebars or on the rear fender to unlock.

Leave Traffic in the dust


Lock to any Breeze station or corral with the attached cable — or to any public bike rack within the West Los Angeles service area for an extra $1.

1 Watson-Side 800w

Price by the minute

Ebikes cost $1 to unlock and $0.34/min to ride.*

Community Pass members pay $5/month and $0.05/min to ride.

Road rules

Bikes get you there faster — but there are a few rules of the road to learn first.

Find us

With 80 Breeze stations and parking corrals on the West Side, you’ll never be far from a bike!

Wear a helmet

We encourage everyone to wear a helmet for safety. (Don’t worry — helmet hair is cool now.)


Community Pass

Lyft works closely with the City of Santa Monica to offer discounted membership to qualifying residents for a fun, easy, and affordable way to get around.

Frequently asked questions


Stay within service area

Lyft ebikes are available within the city of Santa Monica (the pink region) and can be ridden anywhere within the West Los Angeles service area (the purple region). Note that pedal assist won’t function outside these service areas or in the red regions visible in-app. Please do not leave parked ebikes outside the purple region, as you will be fined.

*Taxes and fees may apply. For more info, see FAQs.