Ebikes are here. They’re just $2.25 to unlock plus $0.15/min. Members get free ebike unlocks and pay less per minute — learn more.


Ride through Columbus with CoGo.

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CoGo Bike Hero Illustration

So, Lyft offers bikes now?

Sure do. Lyft is the operator of the CoGo Bike Share program in Columbus. Which means CoGo bicycles are now available on the Lyft app, starting at just $2.25 per ride. Whether you’re going that first mile or that last mile, bikes are a fun, affordable way to get around town.

Breeze by traffic


When you are in the CoGo Bike Share service area, the icon will appear at the bottom of your Lyft app homescreen.

Breeze by traffic


Tap ‘Unlock a bike’ in the Lyft app to purchase a $2.25 Single Ride, then enter the code into the keypad on the dock.

Breeze by traffic


Return your bike to any station and wait for the light to turn green on the dock — so you know it’s locked.

Road rules

Bikes get you there faster — but there are a few rules of the road to learn first.

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With 88 stations in Columbus, you’ll never be far from a bike!

Wear a helmet

We encourage everyone to wear a helmet for safety. (Don’t worry — helmet hair is cool now.)