Rebuilding cities around people – not cars

Public transit is the foundation of every vibrant city. It reduces congestion, improves air quality, and helps keep our communities moving. That’s why we partner with agencies across North America to expand access to transit and shape a future where cities are built around people – not cars. And we’re excited to work with you toward this goal.

Working together to create more options for mobility

As cities grow, transit systems grow along with them – to reach new neighborhoods, to support more riders, and to offer new, sustainable ways of getting around. Lyft works with local governments, transit agencies, and nonprofit organizations to enhance access to existing transit networks and improve mobility options. Our aim is to help our partners better serve the people who live, work, and play in their communities.

Supporting transit systems woman

Supporting transit systems

We aim to get more riders onto public transit by helping fill the gaps in transit coverage. That’s why we partner with agencies to offer first- and last-mile rides to and from transit stations, provide late-night service after buses and trains have stopped running, and create new options for getting around lower-density suburbs.

all types of ride photography of Lyft riding bike in the city

All types of riders. All types of rides.

Taking a train or a bus is often the fastest way to get around. Now, our app shows real-time bus and train schedules alongside our bike, scooter, and rideshare services*. That makes it easy for riders to choose the best way to get where they need to go – and promotes transit on every local trip.

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Rides that make an impact

Transportation is pivotal in helping cities address their residents’ needs. We’re partnering across North America to expand access to jobs and fresh food, create new mobility choices for older adults, and support cities in their sustainability goals. Our initiatives include programs like the Lyft Community Pass, which provides steeply discounted bike and scooter rides for underserved riders and reduces dependency on cars.

Partnering with communities

The Lyft Transit team is committed to working with your organization to enhance access to transit and increase riders’ ability to meet their daily needs without having to own a car. The following represent just a few of the ways we can help.

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We’re committed to improving mobility in suburbs, exurbs, and other low-density areas. Our partnerships have increased access to transit and empowered riders in communities where, until now, getting around required owning a car. Read about our partnership with the City of Monrovia.

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Paratransit partnerships

By partnering with innovative transit agencies, Lyft is committed to improving the lives of paratransit riders by offering a new and uniquely responsive and flexible service. Read about our work with RTC.

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First mile/last mile

By providing reliable, convenient connections between hard-to-reach areas and public transit, we can increase transit ridership and help cities stay on the move. Read about our first mile/last mile partnership in St Louis.

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Late night

We partner with local agencies to provide after-hours options for riders, to make sure they can reliably get where they need to go even after public transit has stopped running for the day. Read about our late-night program in Boise.

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Jobs access

We’re dedicated to expanding transportation access for workers, and partner with public agencies to provide reliable ways for riders to get to work. Read about our work in Washington DC.

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Grocery access

Accessing nutritious food isn’t easy for everyone. This is especially true for those who don’t live near a grocery store with fresh produce. In partnership with agencies and nonprofits, we help provide rides to grocery stores and farmers’ markets so everyone can access fresh food.


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*Availability of bikes, scooters, and transit information varies by region.