Lyft Driver Addendum

Last Updated: December 9, 2020

This Lyft Driver Addendum is an addendum to the Agreement ( between you and Lyft, and it sets forth additional terms and conditions that are applicable to your provision of Rideshare Services through the Lyft Platform. Capitalized terms herein have the meaning set forth in the Agreement. This addendum replaces and supersedes any “Commission Schedule” or prior Driver Addendum that you have previously agreed to.

Driver Fare. You are entitled to a Driver Fare for the Rideshare Services you perform for Riders, as provided in the Agreement and this Driver Addendum. The “Driver Fare” for a completed ride consists of a base fare or pickup fare amount plus incremental amounts based on the actual time and distance of the ride, as measured by Lyft. The applicable base fare, pickup fare, and/or time and distance amounts are shown in a rate card (the “Rate Card”) in your Driver dashboard. If expressly provided in your Rate Card, you may earn incremental amounts based on the actual time and distance between the time you accept a ride request and the time you pick up the Rider. The Rate Card amounts displayed in your driver dashboard are personal to you. The Rate Card amounts may vary by including but not limited to by factors such as the market where you provide Rideshare Services or pick up a particular ride, the date you applied or became approved as a Driver, the vehicle type you use or your use of an Express Drive or rental vehicle, and the type of service you are providing (for example, economy, shared, extra seats, or luxury). The rates from the market in which you pick up the Rider will apply to that ride. Please note that some larger markets (like the San Francisco Bay Area) have different rates for different sub-regions within the larger market. In that case, the rates from the sub-region in which you pick up the Rider will apply to that ride. In certain situations, the Driver Fare may be predetermined (such as a flat rate trip), or subject to certain minimum or maximum amounts as described to you in your Rate Card. In some situations where a Rider cancels a ride request that you have accepted, you may earn a cancellation fee. See the Cancellation and no-show fee policy for drivers in the Lyft Help Center for details. In those cases, you will earn a Driver Fare in the amount of the cancellation payment set forth in your Rate Card. If additional Riders cancel when you're already in a ride, such as in a shared ride, you will be paid for the time and distance of your current route and Lyft will retain any additional cancellation charges incurred by the Rider. For a shared ride you may pick up several Riders along a common route. In such situations: (i) the rates from the region of the first pick up will apply to the full route, and (ii) the fare calculation shall only include one base fare amount for the route (however, you may be able to earn additional incremental pickup fares along the same route if expressly stated in the Rate Card). Your Rate Card may not be set or available to you until you are an approved driver, and you agree Lyft makes no representation or warranties concerning the Rate Card amounts. Your Rate Card amounts are subject to change in Lyft’s discretion and any changes shall be published on the Rate Card. By continuing to use the Lyft Platform, you are deemed to accept these changes.

Additional Payments to You. In addition to the Driver Fare, you will receive the following payments, if applicable: (i) any tips provided by a Rider to you, (ii) any tolls or surcharges we collect for remittance to you, (iii) any damage charges we collect on your behalf, and (iv) any bonuses or incentives you earn based on your provision of Rideshare Services.

Payments, Adjustments and Settlement. Lyft will collect payments owed to you by Riders and other third parties as your limited payment collection agent and you agree that the receipt of such payments by Lyft satisfies the payer’s obligation to you. Lyft reserves the right to adjust or withhold all or a portion of a Driver Fare or other payment owed to you (except tips) (i) if we believe that you have attempted to defraud or abuse Riders, Lyft, or Lyft’s payment systems, (ii) in order to resolve a Rider complaint (e.g., you took an inefficient route or failed to properly end a particular instance of Rideshare Services in the Lyft application when the ride was over), or (iii) if you end a ride at a location that is different than the destination submitted through the Lyft App. Lyft’s decision to adjust or withhold the Driver Fare or other payment in any way shall be exercised in a reasonable manner. If you have agreed to any other amounts being deducted from your Driver Fares with any party (such as vehicle rental or lease payments), those amounts will be deducted before remittance to you, and we may determine the order of these other deductions if allowed by law. We will use reasonable efforts to ensure that your Driver Fare and any other payments to you will be paid to you on at least a weekly basis. You acknowledge and agree that all payments owed to you shall not include any interest and will be net of any amounts that we are required to withhold by law.

Rider Charges. Lyft will charge the Rider an amount calculated or determined by Lyft on your behalf for the Rideshare Services you perform for Riders (the "Rider Charges"). Rider Charges may be determined after the ride is completed based on the time and distance of the ride and the rates on the Lyft Cities pages ( (a "Variable Charge"). Alternatively, Rider Charges may be quoted in advance and fixed at the time of the ride request (a "Quoted Charge"). A Quoted Charge may differ from what the Variable Charge would have been for the same ride (as Variable Charges change depending on a number of dynamic factors). In either case, your payment for Rideshare Services shall be the Driver Fare as described in Sections 1-3 above. Riders may elect to add an additional tip to you on top of the Rider Charges. The tip shall be paid entirely to you and shall be considered separate from the Rider Charges. Unless we indicate to you otherwise, the Rider Charges includes the Driver Fare, applicable tolls, fees retained by us (including the Service Fee and Platform Fee described below), and any Third Party Fees. “Third Party Fees” include any applicable airport fees, or any state or local fees, surcharges or taxes imposed on the provision of Rideshare Services or Lyft’s provision of the Lyft Platform that Lyft is required by law or agreement to collect and remit to third parties.

Lyft Fees. In exchange for facilitating the Rideshare Services that you provide to Riders, you agree to pay Lyft (and permit Lyft to retain) a fee based on each transaction in which you provide Rideshare Services ("the Lyft Fees"), comprised of a service fee (“Service Fee") and platform fee ("Platform Fee"). The Service Fee shall be a set amount for each ride as set forth in your Rate Card or Cities page at the time of the ride. The Platform Fee shall be a variable amount equaling the Rider Charges minus: (i) the Driver Fare, (ii) any tolls or surcharges we collect for remittance to you, (iii) the Service Fee, (iv) any Third Party Fees that Lyft collects, and (v) any bonuses or incentives you earn based on your provision of Rideshare Services. In the event of a ride where the combination of (i)-(iv) above is greater than the Rider Charges, no Platform Fee will be charged to you for that ride. In such cases, any excess amounts that you receive will be an adjustment to your Platform Fee (or if necessary, as an adjustment to another payment owed to you). The Platform Fee may include any event fees in effect (as determined by Lyft) based on the location of the pick-up or drop-off of the ride. For your convenience, Lyft may collect the Service Fee and applicable event fees from Riders on your behalf to offset your payment of such fees to Lyft. The Lyft fees may be communicated to you weekly on an aggregated basis. In addition, Lyft may charge you other fees on a one-time, recurring or periodic basis. The amount of such fees may vary by market or other factors and shall be communicated to you in advance of incurring the fee.

Payment Processing. Payment processing services are provided by Stripe and subject to the Stripe Connected Account Agreement (available at, which includes the Stripe Services Agreement (available at (collectively, the "Stripe Terms"). By using the Lyft Platform to receive payment proceeds, you agree to be bound by the Stripe Terms, which may be modified from time to time. As a condition of Lyft enabling payment processing services through Stripe, you authorize Lyft to obtain all necessary access and perform all necessary activity on your Stripe Connected Account to facilitate your provision of Rideshare Services as contemplated by the Agreement and your relationship with Lyft. You further agree to provide accurate and complete information about you and your business, and authorize Lyft to share it and transaction information with Stripe for the purposes of facilitating the payment processing services provided by Stripe. Lyft reserves the right to switch payment processing vendors or use alternate or backup vendors in its discretion.

Express Pay. If you elect to receive payments through Lyft’s Express Pay feature (which Lyft may offer to you in its sole discretion), you acknowledge that you will be charged a fee for this Express Pay service as described by Lyft prior to confirmation. You understand that (i) your financial institution may not support Express Pay, (ii) Lyft and Stripe make no guarantee concerning how quickly Express Pay payments will settle with your account, and (iii) not all payments through the Lyft Platform are eligible for Express Pay. If you elect to use any direct debit features made available by Lyft or its third party partners you acknowledge that you may be subject to supplemental agreements related to those services.

Promotions and Coupons. Lyft may, at its discretion, offer promotional or other Coupons to Riders, however such discounts shall not impact the Driver Fare or any other payments owed to you. You agree that Lyft may sell passes or subscriptions (each, a “Ride Pass”) on your behalf to generate additional leads for your Rideshare Services. Ride Passes entitle Riders to receive discounted or capped fares for qualifying rides (subject to certain limitations, terms and conditions). When a Rider uses a Ride Pass to receive a qualifying ride, Lyft will use the Ride Pass payment in satisfaction of the ride total Charges subject to the terms and conditions of the Ride Pass. Your payment for Rideshare Services arranged with a Ride Pass will be determined based on the Driver Fare for the ride as provided in this Driver Addendum. In the event that Ride Pass collections from a Rider exceed qualifying ride Charges (if any), you agree that as between you and Lyft, and to the extent permitted by law, Lyft may retain such excess amounts in consideration for Lyft's sales and marketing of Ride Passes.

No Additional Amounts. You acknowledge and agree that, for the mutual benefit of the parties, through advertising and marketing, Lyft and its Affiliates may seek to generate additional demand for your Rideshare Services from new and existing Riders. You acknowledge and agree such advertising or marketing does not entitle you to any additional monetary amounts beyond the amounts expressly set forth in this Agreement and Driver Addendum.