So you have questions about scooters?

How do Lyft Scooters work?

In the Lyft app, tap the icon to view available scooter locations on the map. You can also reserve a scooter for up to 15 minutes or scan the QR code on a nearby scooter to start your ride.

How much does it cost to ride a scooter?

It costs $1 to unlock a scooter and 15 cents for each minute you ride. This includes reservation time and hold time as well.

Are Lyft Scooters available near me?

The map in your Lyft app will show the area where Lyft Scooters are located and available. If you would like Lyft Scooters to come to your area, you can fill out this form to submit a request.

When can I ride the scooter?

Lyft Scooters are available to ride from 6 AM - 8 PM, seven days a week.

Where can I ride the scooters?

  • Please do not ride along the 16th Street Mall, on the Auraria campus, or on park trails.

  • You can ride scooters within the service area in your Lyft app. If your scooter ride ends outside of this service area, you will be charged a fee. You should only ride the scooter on sidewalks — don’t ride in the street, in bike lanes, within designated parks, or on park trails. Please yield to pedestrians when riding on sidewalks.

What are the requirements to ride a scooter?

You must be 18 years or older with a valid driver’s license (you will be required to take a photo of your license before starting a scooter ride). Please wear a helmet and appropriate footwear while riding your scooter.

How do I unlock a scooter?

You can unlock a Lyft Scooter by tapping the Scan button in the Lyft app and pointing your phone’s camera at the QR code located on the scooter’s handlebars. Alternatively, you can click the bottom left keyboard button on the Scan screen to manually type in the scooter’s 6-digit number. You can also unlock a scooter by tapping the Unlock button after reserving it ahead of time.

How do I reserve a Lyft Scooter before starting a ride?

To reserve a scooter, select a nearby scooter in the Lyft app by tapping Reserve. You can reserve a scooter for up to 15 minutes, and you will be charged the standard 15 cents per minute rate while the scooter is reserved. Once you unlock the scooter, you will be charged the $1 unlock fee.

How does the scooter work?

Kick-start the ground twice and press the throttle on the right-hand side of the handlebar to accelerate. To stop, squeeze the brake on the left-hand side of the handlebar. Battery level is displayed on both the handlebar of the scooter, as well as in your Lyft app.

How do I pause a ride?

You can make a stop during a ride anytime by simply tapping Lock. Please be sure to park your scooter out of the way while your ride is paused. When you come back to your scooter, tap Unlock to keep riding. You will continue to be charged 15 cents per minute during any stops.

How do I end a ride?

To end your ride, park the scooter appropriately and tap End ride. You will be required to take a photo of the parked scooter to end your ride. You’ll have the chance to confirm your payment, rate your ride, provide feedback, or report any issues to our support team.

Where can I park the scooter?

When you park your scooter, make sure to:

  • Park in painted, dockless, parking areas whenever available.

  • Don’t get in the way of pedestrians — always stay at least 5 feet away from them at all times when riding your scooter.

  • Park your scooter against buildings or at least 1.5 feet from the back of the curb or flowline.

  • Be nice to your fellow riders and park your scooter by any transit stops whenever you can. (Bonus: Check out your app for any potential discounts when you do this.)

  • When parking at a transit stop, make sure that your scooter allows clear travel in the right of way and doesn’t block passengers boarding or departing transit.

  • Preserve pedestrian sight triangles at intersections, alleys, bus/LRT stops, and driveways. Basically: Don’t block any intersections with your scooter — people on one road need to be able to see oncoming traffic approaching on the other road.

  • Scooters need to be parked upright. No one likes a sad scooter on its side.

  • Scooters can’t be an obstacle to utilities or access from the street to the sidewalk.

  • At least 8 feet of clear walkway needs to be provided for all sidewalks on any through streets. Additional clear walkway may be needed in high-pedestrian areas, as determined by DPW.

  • Please do not park or ride your scooter along the 16th Street Mall, on the Auraria Campus, within designated parks, or on trails maintained by parks.

Can I rent a scooter for my friend, too?

Sorry, you cannot rent a scooter for your friend. You can only rent a scooter for yourself. Your friend will need their own account.

Can I ride Lyft Scooters up hills?

Yes, scooters can travel up most hills. You can help them by kicking against the ground to maintain speed.

How do I report a broken scooter?

To report a broken scooter, tap the icon in the app and let us know what’s wrong.

Do you offer any discounted plans or flat-rate rides?

Yes, Lyft offers a reduced rate for individuals who qualify. You may qualify for a reduced rate if you are a Denver resident ages 18 and older, and qualify for Colorado Works, SNAP, Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), and other similar programs. Apply for the Community Pass here.

Can I request a scooter ride from my computer?

We are currently working to support users without smartphones. Stay tuned for updates.

What are the safety requirements for Lyft Scooter rides?

We ask that you exercise caution when requesting a scooter ride and avoid anything that may impede your ability to safely ride. This may include carrying heavy items, riding in bad weather, or riding when under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

What are your Terms of Service for scooters?

Check them out here.

Where can I pick up my free helmet?

Click here to find the closest location to pick up your free helmet.

Can I use my commuter benefits to pay for my scooter ride?

Sorry, you cannot pay for your scooter ride with your commuter benefits.