Join Lyft Pink to unlock perks like savings on rides, priority airport pickups, exclusive offers, and more.
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Lyft Pink perks:
15% off rides
From Shared to Lux and everything in between
Priority airport pickups
Get picked up faster at airports when it's busy.
Relaxed cancellations
We’ll cover 3 cancel fees every month if you rebook within 15 minutes.
Additional surprise offers
Get seasonal discounts and exclusive savings (like airport deals).
Waived lost and found fees
Leave something behind? We’ll take care of the return fee every time.
Bikes and scooters
Get 3 free 30-min classic bike/scooter rides or discounted ebike rides every month (limited availability).
Cancel or pause any time.
Join Lyft Pink to save 15% on every car ride and more. Cancel or pause any time.
Benefits are subject to change, and may not be available everywhere. Subject to taxes, where applicable. Lyft Pink is only available in the United States and doesn’t apply to business profile rides.
Terms and conditions apply: