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Ask a Mechanic: Do I need new tires?

Rev video - Mar 17, 2023
Ask a Mechanic Tires Video Poster Image

Everyone has questions about their car. It might be: What should I do about that odd smell in the front seat? Or: When should I get my tires replaced? So we asked a seasoned mechanic for answers. 

And if you need car maintenance, it’s just a click away. Lyft Pink members get free roadside assistance and discounted car maintenance services — all from the Lyft app. More info can be found on the Lyft Pink page.

Ask a Mechanic is an educational video series brought to you by Lyft. Each vehicle is different, and Lyft makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of information provided in these videos. Always consult your owners manual and/or a professional when performing vehicle maintenance.