See Your Weekly Pay Statement

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We want to make sure there’s never any confusion about how much you earn throughout your week. That’s why we’ve developed a clearer, more comprehensive view of your pay details. You’ll soon see a weekly pay statement in your Driver Dashboard. Select drivers will see the new view starting on September 12.

Weekly Pay Statement Sample
This is a sample of how your weekly pay statement will look.

You’ll see yours on your Driver Dashboard once the change goes into effect.

The new view makes it easier to see your net earnings from week to week. You can still access your earnings breakdown for previous rides, but for any rides you give on or after the change goes into effect, you’ll just see your earnings.

Earnings-breakdown-ride-sample (1).png
This is a sample of the new earnings breakdown.

You’ll continue to have access to this view through the Driver Dashboard.

The amount you earn won’t change at all, and you’ll still see how make you take home from every ride. And your earnings are still based on the time and distance of each ride plus any tips and bonuses. You just won’t have to do all the math to figure out what you make every week.