This Halloween, Boost Your Earnings — and Rating


Rideshare Driving Tips from 5-Star Drivers for a Safe and Fun Halloween  

Boo! Halloween, one of the busiest nights for rideshare drivers, is upon us. Lyft drivers are playing an important role by making sure grownup trick-or-treaters have a fun and safe evening without worrying about driving or parking. This year, we asked 5-star drivers across the country who are known for their Halloween spirit to share their advice on how to increase tips, ensure safety, and have fun all at the same time.

Mary P. 3,783 rides5

  1. Ask your passengers to take their masks off when theyre getting in. Even on Halloween, its important to verify your passengers.

  2. Play upbeat music. You can find Halloween-themed playlists on Pandora and Spotify. Halloween is a great night for singalongs.

  3. Keep disposable bags in your car, just in case, since many people will be drinking. I buy them off Amazon.

David N. 3,200 rides5

  1. Engage! Two years ago, I picked up four people in impressively coordinated costumes from the TV show The Office. I did my best impersonation of Kevin Malone. For the 20-minute ride, the five of us didnt break character once.

  2. Look up some cheesy Halloween jokes online. Even cringe-worthy jokes lighten up the mood. Be more than their ridebe their vehicle for fun.

  3. This may be obvious, but remember candy. If my passengers are dressed up, I tell them they have to say trick or treat before I can start driving.

Pam A. 1,436 rides5

  1. Pay extra attention! I live in a university city where Halloween brings out a lot of pedestrian and bike traffic. I expect more jaywalking and look out for people dressed in black.

  2. Remember that there are people who dont like Halloween. Just like any other conversation, feel passengers out and follow their lead. If theyre going home to avoid the parties, you dont need to remind them its Halloween.