Safety and insurance

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Safety and insurance

At Lyft, we’re committed to driver and passenger safety. That’s why we’ve got your back before, during, and after the ride.

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Easily contact our Support Team for reliable, around-the-clock help by phone or email, with any issues on and off the road.



In case of an emergency, you can call 911 directly from your app.



You’ll always see how a passenger has been rated by other drivers before you accept a ride.



If you ever feel uncomfortable, you always have the option to cancel a ride. Just be sure to contact our support team so they can help protect your rating.



In the unlikely event that you need roadside assistance or are in an accident, our Support Team is available to help — 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Drivers in our Accelerate Rewards program can even get roadside assistance through our friends at Allstate.



Your app features easy-to-use navigational tools so you can focus on the road.


If you rate your passenger 3 stars or lower, you won’t be matched with them again.

Tips for creating a safe, welcoming experience for you and your passengers:

  • Most riders expect drivers to use navigation

  • Passengers value safety over a quick ride, so no need to speed

  • Don’t forget to obey traffic laws (especially stop signs and left turns!)

  • Pull over safely for pickups and drop-offs, and avoid abrupt stops

  • Use a phone mount to keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road

  • Please don’t text and drive, it’s distracting and can be dangerous

What to do in the event of an accident

Get into an accident? Safety first. Please make sure you and your passengers are safe. If necessary, call the authorities by using our in-app emergency assistance or dialing 911. Next, exchange contact info with everyone involved and get photos of the scene and vehicles involved, even if there are no damages or injuries.

Please report car accidents by going to Help in the Lyft Driver app and tapping Report an accident.

Lyft Insurance Protection Plan

Our first-of-its-kind insurance plan provides drivers with additional coverages, from the moment they flip into driver mode until their last passenger of the day is dropped off. Our $1M liability policy will apply as primary to a driver’s personal automobile insurance policy when matched with a passenger. Learn more.

How to report damage

At the end of every ride, do a quick sweep of your car to check for any left-behind items or accidental spills. If you see something, visit and submit the following within 6 hours to start the damage claim process:

  • At least two clear photos of the damage. Snap a photo on your phone to easily capture the time and date of the incident.

  • Any identifying information you have about the passenger. A first name works best, but pickup and drop-off locations and times are also helpful.

  • A brief description of how the incident occurred. Try to hold off on driving until your car is back in 5-Star shape.