Quick Guide to Thanksgiving Week

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Your Quick Guide to Thanksgiving Week

Plan your driving schedule for Thanksgiving week like a pro. We’ve got an up-to-date breakdown of when and where you’ll earn the most during one of the biggest travel and shopping weekends of the year.

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Day Before Thanksgiving

Between holiday travel, preparations, and pre-Thanksgiving festivities, expect an increase in airport trips and rides around town all day on Wednesday, with requests peaking at 5 PM through midnight.

Thanksgiving Day

We expect ride activity to be slower as passengers eat their way through spend the day with friends and family.

Black Friday

The day after Thanksgiving — also known as Black Friday — calls for shopping sprees of all kinds. Passengers will be starting early and ending late, so expect ride requests to grow throughout the day. (Tip: Be a hero by making sure your trunk space is cleared out and ready for an overflow of shopping bags!)


With the long weekend, locals and out-of-towners will need rides around town for airport travel, lunch dates, and nights out. Prepare to see an influx of rides starting in the early afternoon and through the evening on Saturday and Sunday.


Now that you’ve got the best times to drive, here’s where you can expect more passengers requesting rides this week:


Airports Millions of Americans travel during Thanksgiving every year, so prepare make airport trips — and higher earnings — to and from the runway.


Restaurants and bars: Holidays bring people together — that means lots (and lots) of food, drinks, and celebrations.


Shopping malls: Black Friday is a shopping holiday that’s notorious for big discounts and (seriously) limited parking — that means more rides (and earnings) for you.


Downtown: With visitors in town, expect trips to sightseeing hotspots, museums, and downtown all weekend long.

No matter what you're driving toward, we'll help you get there.