Portland Business License How-To Guide

There are 8 Steps to getting your Portland Business License

The application process is completely free for account creation.  There may be applicable taxes payable to the City of Portland for earnings while utilizing the business license that you obtain. 

Navigate to the City of Portland Revenue Division website HERE  - Keep this Page open for reference!

  • Under the Businesses select the option for Register My Business

1) Business Information
  • Under Entity information, ‘Business Tax Entity Type’ choose the Business Tax Entity Type you are creating (Most drivers choose Sole Proprietor).

  • Under ‘ID Type’ select from either ‘Individual Taxpayer Id Number’ or ‘Social Security Number’ and input that number below

  • Fill in your personal information in Individual Name

    • Select No when asked if you do business under a different name

  • Enter today’s date for Business Start Date and Oregon for State of Incorporation

  • Under Business Activity Description enter “TNC Driver”

  • Select NEXT once all fields are populated

2) Business Address
  • Enter your home address for Primary Business Location

  • Once the address has been entered, select Verify Address to confirm location.

  • Select No for “Does your business have a different mailing address” 

  • Once information is entered select NEXT

3) Spouse Information
  • Optional Step - add your spouse in the event that you both intend to drive for a Rideshare provider. 

  • Select NEXT once completed

4) Business Contact Information
  • Enter your Contact information and select NEXT

5) Account Registration
  • Select Business Tax and then click NEXT

6) Business Tax
  • For “Business Activity is conducted in the City of Portland” select YES and enter today’s date for Business Start

  • For “Business Activity is conducted in Multnomah County” select YES and enter today’s date for Business Start

  • Enter Contact Information and then click NEXT

7) Attachments
  • Add any documents that you want to include with your registration

  • If you have nothing to contribute click NEXT

8) Web Login
  • Select YES when prompted to create a Login for your business

  • Enter the necessary information below to create your Profile for the Web Login

  • Once completed select Submit

To view your Business License Number

  • Login to your account using the Web Login Information you created in the final step

  • Your account number will be displayed in the Business Tax Section

    • It will start with BZT-  and be followed by 10 Digits


Let Lyft know you have your Portland Business License


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To complete your application, upload your Portland Business License number directly to your Driver Dashboard.


Send our Support Team your Portland Business License number.

Additional Questions About the Portland Business License?

Visit the Lyft Portland Hub at 2712 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, OR 97227, or contact the Department of Revenue directly. 

Department of Revenue contact information: 

Email: BizTaxHelp@portlandoregon.gov

Phone: (503) 823-5157

*Please note the Lyft Hub or Express Drive locations may not be able to answer all questions regarding the status of your business license