Meet Guy, the Seattle Driver Who Quit His High-Stress Job to Save His Health — and is Driving Toward a Delicious New Dream

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Meet Guy, a Lyft driver and server at Italian restaurant, That’s Amore, who’s about to realize his dream of restaurant ownership. He’s our featured driver in Episode Three of Pick Me Up, the new podcast from Lyft and Gimlet Creative about the inspiring people who drive with Lyft, and what motivates them to take the wheel.

Sometimes it takes a crisis to take stock of your life and make changes. That’s what happened to Guy, a former tech employee whose stress-related health issues caused him to leave his job and take up waiting tables at a local, beloved Italian restaurant, That’s Amore!

That’s Amore is more than just a restaurant — it’s family. And the popular neighborhood spot has had its fair share of magical moments and milestones for its regulars. From  labor-inducing chicken parmesan to marriage proposals, That’s Amore has seen it all.

And more importantly, That’s Amore has been a presence in Guy’s life since he moved to Seattle 11 years ago. Guy found his place —  and his people — pretty quickly. In fact, he met his now-husband, David, soon after moving to Seattle, and in turn, they discovered their neighborhood spot, That’s Amore.

And now, Guy has a chance to become the new owner of That's Amore.

He said, ‘I’ve worked on it too hard. If I give it to you for a steal … Would you take care of it for me? I want to know it goes on.’ And we immediately said yes.

But they still need to raise the money to invest in their dream. In Episode Three, we follow along as Guy throws a good, old-fashioned neighborhood fundraiser.

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