Now use Flexdrive in select cities with other platforms

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We know many drivers count on Lyft for extra income and ride requests in your area may be reduced due to COVID-19. We’re actively exploring and introducing new ways for you to keep earning during this uncertain time. 

As part of this effort, Flexdrive is temporarily waiving its requirement in select cities where rentals can only be used ‘for hire’ with Lyft. Starting now, you can use your rental to drive and earn on other platforms, including food delivery networks and similar services. 

Some things to keep in mind: 

  • Additional platforms: You can now drive and earn with other platforms. Please note that other restrictions in the rental agreement still apply (for example, you cannot transport hazardous materials). 

  • Personal miles: Driving for other platforms will count toward your personal miles. If you’re worried about going over your current limit, it’s easy to change your Flexdrive plan — and you can update your plan every week. Changes entered by Sunday night will take effect the following Monday. You won’t ever have to pay for miles when you’re in Driver Mode with Lyft. Add personal miles.

  • Insurance coverage: You may need to provide insurance documents to other platforms you drive for. You can find details about your insurance coverage in your rental’s glove box. Please note: Other platforms may have different insurance requirements than Lyft, and Flexdrive does not provide additional coverage for those other uses. 

  • Going forward: While this change is temporary, we’re committed to providing you with advanced notice about any updates to this offering. 


How long can I use my rental with other platforms? This is a temporary change to our Flexdrive program. We’ll provide you with advanced notice when the offering is expected to end. 

Are there any restrictions?  Yes. While Flexdrive is waiving the restriction that drivers can only use Flexdrive rentals to drive and earn with Lyft, all other terms of your rental agreement still stand. For example, renters are prohibited from transporting hazardous materials or engaging in illegal activity. See the “Prohibited Uses of Rental Cars” section of your rental agreement.

Do I still get free miles when I drive with Lyft?  Yes. You never have to pay for miles when you’re in Driver Mode with Lyft.

Do I get free miles when I drive with other platforms?  No. Driving with other platforms will count toward your personal miles. 

If you want more personal miles, it’s easy to change your Flexdrive plan. Just click here to get started. You can update your plan by the end of Sunday each week, and the changes will take effect the following Monday. Learn more about personal miles.

Will you be adding more pricing plans to my city?  You can see all the pricing plans available in your region in your app, and we’ll let you know in advance of any updates. 

Where can I find my insurance and registration?  Your insurance and registration documents can be found in your rental’s glove box. Please note: Lyft does not issue insurance or registration cards with individual driver names — some platforms may require you to have one. 

Does my Lyft insurance cover me for driving on other platforms? No. Flexdrive does not provide additional coverage for other platforms. 

What happens if I get into an accident with my rental while driving on another platform?  If you get into an accident while driving on another platform, you’ll report the accident to the other platform and to Lyft through your app. Lyft and our insurance partner, Allstate, will ask more questions about the platform you were driving on so we can work with them to process your claim.

I didn’t get an email about this change. Can I still be part of the program?  At the moment, only Flexdrive renters in select cities are able to participate in this offering. We’ll make sure to notify drivers of any relevant opportunities in your city.

In the meantime, if you’d like to participate in the LyftUp Driver Community Task Force and help people access grocery stores and pharmacies, medical professionals get to work, and caretakers reach family members in need, you can sign up here

If you have additional questions, please reach out to our Support Team.