Meet Jackee, the Atlanta driver with over 21k rides and a 5-star rating

Poster - 2019/9/10/meet-jackee-the-atlanta-driver-with-over-21k-rides-and-a-5-star-rating

What do working with hair and driving with Lyft have in common? Ask Jackee White. Before she became a 5-year Lyft veteran with 21,000 rides (and counting) under her seatbelt, she was a hair stylist for celebrities like André 3000 as well as regular Atlantans. Whether she’s giving them a ride or a perm, strangers share stories, some more intimate than others. 

There’s one big difference, though.

“When you're doing hair, you really don't have the flexibility,” she says. “With Lyft I can turn it on, I can turn it off. It's very flexible.”

Her schedule may be open-ended now, but she has been keeping busy. 

“It's indescribable. Driving makes me happy,” she says. “It motivates me to keep going because I'm working toward a goal, I'm trying to purchase this home. So, Lyft is going to give me my down payment.”

But more than anything else, it’s the stories that keep her on the road.

“You become people’s mentors. You become their aunties,” she says. “I was afraid I’d lose my people skills from my hair salon days. But Lyft gives me that opportunity to talk to people and encourage people—because are folks out there who are going through a lot of things in life. You never know until you ask them.”

Jackee's gained a reputation around Atlanta as one of the city's friendliest Lyft drivers, and was even featured in Atlanta magazine for being a boss about town. Read more here.


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