How We’re Making Lyft Even Better For You

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It’s been an unusual year — for many, a year filled with challenges. And we can’t say it enough: We’re grateful for everything you’ve done to support the Lyft community through these times. Your health and safety are our priority, and we’re introducing new features to support you if you choose to go out and drive. From requiring more rider accountability on face coverings to adding more tips on earnings, we’re on a mission to have your back at every step.

Here’s what we’re up to: 

Requiring more accountability from riders

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In the Lyft community, everyone shares the responsibility of looking out for each other. That’s why we’ve made it a priority to make sure your passengers are doing their part to help keep you protected. A few of our latest updates include: 

  • More ways to report— You can now leave feedback after every ride to let us know if your passenger properly covered their face.

  • Enhanced verification — Any passenger who’s flagged for not wearing a mask will be asked to verify (via selfie) that they’re wearing one when they request their next ride.

  • Passenger suspensions — Passengers who repeatedly fail to wear a mask will be suspended from the platform.

As a reminder: You’ll never be penalized for flagging a rider, and doing so helps keep everyone safe. 

Identifying new ways to earn 

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Over the last several months, we watched as most public events were canceled and a large part of the workforce started to work from home — and we know that, as a result, it’s been harder to predict the busiest places and times to drive. As always, we want to help you maximize your earnings, and we’re updating The Driver’s Guide to Pay — our all-in-one earnings resource. You’ll learn how to:

  • Earn smarter on the road: Stay busy and keep earning by finding the busiest times and places to drive with helpful online tutorials.

  • Easily understand pay: Understand how driver pay is calculated and how to track your weekly earnings in the Driver App.

  • Get more with Lyft: Get Lyft Rewards perks and find more opportunities to earn and save cash.

...and a lot more to help you maximize your drive. 

Creating new connections with your riders


When you share your personality with riders, it can lead to meaningful connections and better in-ride experiences. That’s why we’re updating driver profiles this month so you can add a fun fact or two about yourself — a hobby, a favorite movie, a reason you like to drive — and help your riders get to know you better. At times, we’ll also update your profile when you get a compliment from a rider, so that everyone can see the nice things people are saying about you. 

As always, we want to say thanks for everything you’re doing. We see you working hard, we hear your feedback, and we’ll continue to come out with upgrades to help support you on — and off — the road.