Lyft Driver Advisory Council (DAC) Explained

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Started in 2016, the Driver Advisory Council (DAC) program brings driver feedback directly to Lyft and helps the team understand drivers’ experiences better. In 2019, the program grew from 10 national council members to over 200 members across the US and Canada. And on January 15, 2020, over 100 new DAC members joined the ranks. 

We’re so proud of the way 2019’s DAC members helped drivers connect with one another, with the Lyft team, and with their local communities. Local and National DAC members sparked valuable conversations and created powerful grassroots initiatives. 

In addition, the National DAC, composed of 10 exceptional drivers, met weekly with the Lyft team, exchanging ideas with over 40 Lyft team members by the end of the year. Through this program, with the help of local DAC members, we collected over 7,000 pieces of feedback from drivers, allowing us to better understand the drivers’ experience and plan our 2020 team accordingly. 

Improvements to the Lyft app like Dark Mode and rider profile photo design implementation, as well as local DAC program launch, Driver Guidebook updates, and feedback on new Driver Education courses were all results from our conversations with National DAC members. 


DAC members held over 50 meetups connecting drivers, gathering best practices and ideas, and organizing initiatives that give back to their communities. Local DAC members led initiatives to help drivers and passengers understand local safety laws, organized events to help women drivers stay safe, and made the driver experience easier all around. They also gave feedback on venues and location settings to help the pickup and drop-off experience for drivers and passengers. 

In addition to giving feedback to Lyft HQ, all DAC members test new versions of the Lyft app before it’s rolled out to the general public, ensuring a better experience for the whole community. Many DAC members have also participated in research “Immersions,” a program that allows anyone at Lyft to more deeply understand the driver experience through facilitated discussions on a key topic.

You can submit ideas, feedback, or requests for this program and members through this form. While we can’t respond to every request, we guarantee all submissions are reviewed by the Lyft team. 

New local and national DAC members will be selected in the spring and onboarded on April 15th, 2020. Keep an eye on The Hub for an update and learn how to apply for our next DAC cohort. 


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