Lyft Delivery: More Opportunities to Earn

image of Lyft driver sitting in the drivers seat reviewing map route on mobile phone

Lyft Delivery actively works with businesses and organizations that need local delivery services. You can earn by delivering items like food, prescriptions, retail items, auto parts, and more.

How does it work?

View and accept delivery rides in the Lyft Driver app

Lyft Delivery rides show up just like passenger ride requests—it will just say ‘Delivery’ as the ride type. You can earn by delivering multiple items to different stops in one Delivery ride.

Go to the pickup location and pick up the item

You’ll need to park and go inside the pickup location. You’ll receive specific instructions in your app about where to pick up the item inside.

In some rides, you may be delivering multiple packages to different stops.

Drive the item to the drop-off location

Follow the drop-off instructions in the app. Complete a drop-off by taking a picture of the item at the dropoff location. 

If you have any issues with dropping off an item, you’ll be guided to bring it back to the original pickup location. You’ll be paid for bringing the package back to the pickup location based on your standard rate card.

How am I paid for Delivery rides?

With Lyft Delivery rides, you’ll be able to see upfront earnings and ride details before you accept the ride. You’ll get what was quoted upfront, even if the ride is longer or shorter than predicted. And if you have any issues dropping off an item, you’ll still earn for the ride back to the pickup location. Your earnings for Lyft Delivery rides will not be calculated based on your rate card. 

Here’s how upfront earnings work:

  1. When you get a delivery request, you’ll see the exact amount you’ll earn for that ride, expected time and distance, and a map view of the full ride.

  2. If you accept the request, you’ll lock in that earnings amount for the ride. 

  3. Once the delivery is complete, you’ll receive your upfront earnings.

If you’re unable to complete the delivery for any reason, you can report the issue and you’ll be rerouted to where you picked up the package. If you need to return an item, your earnings will be increased—with your total earnings based on your rate card.

When this happens, your earnings will be increased, with your total earnings based on your rate card.

Phone screenshot of essential deliveries screen


How do I sign up?

When Lyft Delivery becomes available in your city, you’ll get an email or in-app message to sign up. If it’s available in your city, you can sign up in the Lyft Delivery Overview tutorial and learn more about the program. If you don’t see the tutorial, that means it’s not available in your region yet.

When will Lyft Delivery come to my region?

We’ll start rolling out to more regions as we add more partners that need deliveries. 

How are upfront earnings calculated for Lyft Delivery rides?

Your upfront earnings are not calculated based on your rate card or the miles and minutes you drive. Instead, upfront earnings will be based on factors like: estimated pickup/drop-off time, distance, location, as well as real-time market conditions (e.g. traffic, available drivers in the area, etc.) for the delivery. 

If the delivery has any bonuses or tolls, they will also be included in the upfront earnings amount.  

How do tolls, bonuses, etc. work with Lyft Delivery?

If the delivery ride has a bonus, it’ll be included in the upfront earnings you see on the accept screen. If your trip requires a toll, it’ll also be included in the upfront earnings and shown in the post-ride earnings summary. Delivery rides will count towards your ride streaks. Note: Delivery rides with multiple stops will count as one ride toward your streak.

How do trip changes work?

You will be paid the upfront earnings you have accepted for the delivery ride, unless a return is required. In rare cases, an order may be undeliverable and you’ll need to return the order to the pickup location. When this happens, your earnings will be increased, with your total earnings based on your rate card.

What if I don’t want to do delivery?

This program is optional, and not something you have to participate in. If you sign up and then decide you don’t want to continue, you can opt out from the program by contacting us at any time. 

By signing up, am I guaranteed delivery rides?

If you sign up, you may start seeing delivery rides in your queue, but signing up doesn’t guarantee that you’ll always receive delivery rides. 

Lyft Delivery is a new and growing program, so you may not receive requests immediately. Don’t worry! As long as you’re opted in, you’ll be eligible to receive requests once deliveries are ordered in your area.

Can I only get delivery rides?

Not at this time. Delivery rides will be in addition to your passenger rides.

How do I know it’s a delivery ride?

Delivery rides show up the same way as passenger rides do in the Lyft Driver app. Under ride type, you’ll see: ‘Delivery.’

What types of packages will I deliver?

Lyft Delivery items may include meals, groceries, auto parts, prescriptions, and more. All packages will be less than 50lbs.