Lyft Assisted Guide

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All Lyft Assisted rides are labeled with the heart-in-hand icon and a $4 bonus.

Lyft Assisted drivers have helped hundreds of thousands of riders get around with ease. Thanks for lending a helping hand. Use this guide to brush up on the best ways to offer assistance to riders.


Lyft Assisted best practices

Identifying a Lyft Assisted ride

When you get a Lyft Assisted ride, you’ll see the heart-in-hand icon and a $4 ride bonus. Be sure to read the driver notes in the app for important information about the ride.

Be mindful of where you park

When parking your car, ensure there’s a clear path to the backseat. If possible, avoid parking near curbs. At the pickup and drop-off location, try to park near the entrance.

Door-to-door service

When you arrive, park your car and meet the rider at the front door. You aren’t expected to go inside of the pickup or drop-off location. In case you have trouble finding the rider, bring your phone along so you can contact them. When dropping off your rider, offer them assistance getting out of the car and to the entrance of their destination. 

Ask, don’t assume

It’s best to ask your rider how you can assist them: 

“How can I help?”

“Would you like help with your belongings?”

“Which side would you prefer me to walk on”

We encourage you to offer support to riders, regardless of the ride type. Lyft’s Mobility Policy requires that drivers transport and assist all riders who use foldable mobility devices. Thanks for making transportation more accessible for everyone.