Three New Product Updates, Inspired by You

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At Lyft, we believe you should have the resources you need to be successful. By listening to your feedback, we’ve identified the top asks — more control over your schedule, higher earnings, and an easier-to-use app — and are building product updates to match. Here’s what you have to look forward to.

More Control Over Daily Schedules

A first in the ridesharing industry, scheduled pickups allow you to plan rides in advance. The feature displays exactly how long each ride will take and where it’s headed, making it easier to fit into your busy schedule — and more likely to be a higher-earning airport ride. 

When a passenger schedules a ride, we’ve historically notified the driver just minutes before it’s time to depart. With scheduled pickups, you can view every scheduled route and estimated fare the moment it’s scheduled, up to seven days early. Learn more.

Easier Ways to Earn More With Power Zones

You can get paid more for every ride during eligible hours. It’s our easiest incentive yet, with no restrictions on your car year, ride count, or acceptance rate. All you need to do is give rides within the zone to earn more. See the details

An Optimized App, Created Just For You

To continue building features like scheduled pickups and Power Zones, we’ve created a lightweight, driver-only app. ‘Lyft Driver’ offers all the information you need to succeed, with room for custom features to come.  

All three updates will roll out more broadly in the coming weeks. To check them out, download Lyft Driver.




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