Lyft Launches Jobs Access Program in 35+ Cities with National Partners Including Goodwill, United Way, and the USO

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We know that you started driving for Lyft for different reasons. But many of those reasons are grounded in the desire to build community: Jackee always tries to share an encouraging word with her riders, while Michael finds the perfect playlist to connect with those who get in his car. 

Simply by driving, you are making your community a better place. In fact, we’ve built programs to help those in need through transportation. These initiatives provide free and/or discounted rides to nonprofit organizations working to solve urgent challenges in communities where transportation plays an important role. Put simply, you are helping us open new pathways to vital needs like healthy food and relief from natural disasters

As drivers, you are the ones who make this important work possible. And while playing a critical role in connecting people to greater opportunity, you still earn full fares for these rides.  Today, we’re excited to announce Lyft’s Jobs Access Program. This program will focus on three key moments when transportation is vital for a person who needs to find work: 

  • Rides to/from job training programs

  • Rides to/from job interviews

  • Rides** to/from the first three weeks of employment**, until individuals receive their first paycheck and begin to pay for their own transportation

Some drivers, like Richard, already consider rides to job interviews among his favorites. “I try to be a cheerleader, to pump them up whatever their ambitions may be,” he says. “It’s just another form of service.”

As part of this program, we are focused on communities that stand to benefit most from short-term transportation support. Our nonprofit partners will play a vital role of connecting individuals in need with Lyft rides in 35+ markets across the U.S. and Canada. These partners include:

The Jobs Access Program builds on Lyft’s ongoing partnerships with cities and transit agencies to provide longer-term jobs access solutions. Our partners are our eyes and ears on the ground, as they work directly with individuals in need of these services. If you or someone you know is interested in this type of support, reach out to our partners in your city. And don’t forget to share your story about how you helped someone by giving a ride here.

Our Jobs Access partners were chosen through a closed process. We are not accepting solicitations for new partners. If you know an organization that is interested in participating in our program, please find more information about our local grants here.




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