How to use the Lyft Driver App

How to use the Lyft Driver App hero

Our tutorials help drivers learn how to use the Lyft app and prioritize well-being while on the road. 

Your first ride

Ready to start driving, but want a preview of what to expect? We’ve created a tutorial that lets you practice using some key features of the Lyft Driver app. You’ll be able to make your way through a sample ride — from accepting a passenger to dropping them off.

Your first ride

After that, we’ll help guide you through using additional features, like these ones: 

  • Destination mode — Set a destination, and you’ll only be matched with rides going in that direction. 

  • Last ride — Let us know when you want to take a break or stop driving for the day. 

  • Shared rides — Pick up multiple riders going to different destinations along the same route. (Please note: this feature is currently disabled as part of our effort to support social distancing.)

Watch the new driver tutorial

COVID-19 and driver safety

As the COVID-19 outbreak evolves, we’re updating our policies and developing new safety education tools to help everyone protect each other. In our safety tutorial, you’ll learn tips from the CDC, WHO, and the Public Health Agency of Canada about how to prioritize everyone’s well-being — including your own — when you’re behind the wheel. 

Watch the health and safety tutorial


How do I get the Lyft Driver app? 

Download the Lyft Driver app and sign up to drive.

Why isn’t my Lyft Driver app working? 

Sometimes, connectivity issues prevent the driver app from working as it should. Try the following: 

  • Force-quit your app and reopen it

  • Turn airplane mode on and then off

  • Restart your device

  • Uninstall and reinstall the driver app

Get more info on troubleshooting the driver app.

How do I log in to the Lyft Driver app?

If you’re already a driver: There are two ways to log in to the Lyft Driver app.

Manually. If you’re not logged in to the Lyft Driver app:

  1. Open Lyft Driver app

  2. Tap ‘Get Started’

  3. Enter your account’s phone number to log in

Continue As. If you’re already logged in to the app:

  1. Tap ‘Get Started’

  2. That’s it!

If you’re not a driver yet:

  1. Tap ‘Get Started’ in the Lyft Driver app

  2. Enter your phone number

  3. You’ll be taken to the online driver application


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