How Driver Bonuses Work

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As a driver, there are two types of bonuses that you’re eligible for: realtime and scheduled. Both generally become available when and where demand is busiest. Check out the step-by-step directions below for each incentive. 

Realtime bonuses

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When real-time bonuses—such as Bonus Zones—appear on the map in your Lyft Driver app, you’ll know it’s busy on the road.

Bonus Zones

Earn even more when it’s busy with Bonus Zones. When you see pink and purple zones appear on your map, you’ll know it’s busy—even before you go online. You’ll see the exact bonus amounts up front, so you know how much you can earn before you get there.

Drive into a Bonus Zone to unlock that bonus for your next ride request, no matter where the ride pickup or drop-off is.

Here’s how it works: 

  1. Drive into a Bonus Zone to unlock the bonus on your next ride request.

  2. Accept that next ride request.

  3. Complete the ride to earn your bonus.

Learn more about Bonus Zones.

Scheduled bonuses 


Scheduled bonuses can be found in the Earnings tab in your Lyft Driver app. Check your app every Sunday to see if you’re eligible for any of the coming week’s bonuses. Offers and eligibility can vary depending on your region, season, and passenger demand. Note: these bonuses are generally available during the busiest times, but do not appear every week. 

Below are step-by-step directions for each incentive.

Ride Streaks  A ride streak is a multi-ride bonus for accepting back-to-back rides during the busiest times.

Here’s how it works: 

  1. You check the app and see that there’s an active three-ride ride streak bonus from 8 AM-9 AM. To get the $10 bonus, you’ll need to accept and complete three consecutive ride requests, with the first ride starting in that hour.

  2. You go online, get your first ride at 8:45 AM, and accept and complete the next two rides after that. 

  3. Because you hit the three-ride streak, you’ll see a $10 bonus added to your earnings once you’ve completed their third ride.

Note: Only the first ride needs to start within the streak bonus hour. If you complete your ride streak after the timeframe, it still counts!

Shared rides reminder: Each pickup during a Shared ride counts towards your streak, so you can get your bonus even faster!

For a list of Ride Streaks FAQs, check out this post.

Earnings Guarantee 


Give a set number of rides within a set period of time to get paid a guaranteed amount. If you don’t earn the amount of the Earnings Guarantee from driving, we’ll pay you the difference, so you’re still guaranteed to make that total amount. Here’s how it works:  

  1. You check the app and see you have a $100 earnings guarantee for completing five rides on the coming Thursday.

  2. You give five rides on Thursday, and earn $90 for those rides (not including tips).

  3. Because you only made $90, Lyft will pay you an extra $10 so your earnings guarantee is met. 

Note: Only your time, distance and Personal Power Zone earnings count towards the Earnings Guarantee. 

For more details on Earnings Guarantee bonuses, visit our Help Center page.

Ride Challenges 


Earn a bonus for completing a set number of rides within a set amount of time.

Here’s how it works:  

  1. You check the app and see you have a $25 ride challenge asking you to complete 10 rides between Monday at 5AM and Friday at 6 AM.

  2. You complete 10 rides within that time frame. 

  3. You get paid an extra $25. 

Get more info on Ride Challenges here

Remember to check the Earnings tab in your app every Sunday to check for available bonuses. And if you have questions or issues with incentives, reach out to our support team. We’re always here to help!