Higher Tips and a Quarter Billion ‘Thank-yous’


To kick off summer with a big earnings bang, we’re excited to announce that Lyft drivers have earned over $250 million in tips (or, a quarter of a billion dollars). That’s a lot of happy passengers. Collectively, you’ve made millions of days, smoothed out countless commutes, and gotten everyone home for dinner.

Higher Tips for Higher Fares

A first-of-its-kind feature, in-app tipping has always been a driver favorite. In honor of this impressive milestone, we set out on a mission to make it even better.

Based on recent feedback, we’re making a small but important change to the tipping screen. Instead of $1, $2, and $5 tip options, passengers will begin to see $2/$5/$10 for rides above $25. In initial tests with passengers, this change has increased tip earnings by an average of nearly 13% on rides over $25. (Custom tips will always be an option.)

Want Even More Tips?

From temperature control to listening tactics, Nashville driver Sarah Buchanan is a tip master. For a refresher on how to make each ride tip-worthy, see her helpful dos and don'ts.