Guide to getting your new Portland Business License number

There are 10 Steps to getting your new Portland Business License number

The Portland Revenue Division has updated the format of the Portland Business License. For this reason, all drivers are required to provide Lyft a new Portland Business License number. To get your new Portland Business License, you must first create a new log in following the steps outlines below. If at any time you have issues with the following steps, please contact the Portland Revenue Bureau directly.

Portland Revenue Bureau (503) 823-5157 available Monday - Thursday: 9-11:30am / 1-4pm

Step 1:

Navigate to the Portland Revenue Bureau website here

Portland Business License Log In Banner

Step 2:

Click "Create PRO Username"

PBL Create PRO Username

Step 3:

Review the Instructions and then click "Next"

PBL PRO Web Logon Registration

Step 4:

Under Do you expect to file/pay Portland Taxes for yourself or your business? select "Yes"

PBL PRO Login Portland Taxes Question

Step 5:

  • Under Account Type select your account type as "Business Tax" and when asked to choose an account verification select "Business ID and Recent Tax Information"

  • Under Account Verification select the ID Type that matches your existing business entity type

    • For most drivers you currently have a Sole Proprietorship business entity, so under ID Type select "SSN"

  • Under Enter your ID enter your "Social Security Number" and then Confirm your ID again on the next line

  • Check the box that states “Business Tax Account ID does not start with BZT” 

    • Input your current 6 digit Portland Business License number when asked “Enter your Business Tax Account ID”

      • Follow the prompt at the bottom and provide your “Net income from the most recent combined business tax filing (For those that have not filed their taxes with the city leave this amount at 0.00)

      • Once completed select "Next"

PBL Account Type

Step 6:

Complete all required fields under Profile, Security, and Primary Phone Number

  • Profile

    • Create your Username

    • Enter Your Name

    • Enter your Email

  • Security

    • Create a Password

    • Enter your created password again under Confirm Password

    • Create a Secret Question in case you forget your password or username

    • Enter your Secret Answer to your Secret Question

  • Primary Phone Number

    • Select the Type of phone number you have

    • Enter your Phone Number

Then select "Next"

PBL Profile

Step 7: 

Review the accuracy of your information and click "Submit" to complete your account creation.

PBL Registration

Once your account has been created you can now login to obtain your updated Portland Business License.

Step 8:

Navigate back to the main page here and enter your Username and Password then select "Log in"

PBL Login Page

Step 9:

Your account number will be displayed in the Business Tax section. It is 14 characters - it will start with BZT-  and be followed by 10 Digits

PBL 14 digit account number

Step 10:

While logged in it is recommended that you select “Request a Certificate of Compliance” so that you can have a printed certificate in your vehicle

PBL document request

Once you get your new Portland Business License number, let us know!

Option 1: Upload your new Portland Business License number directly to your Driver Dashboard.


Option 2: Send our Support Team your new Portland Business License number.