50,000+ Rides. Four Women.

Driver Erica

The Lyft movement wouldn’t be where it is today without our female drivers. To celebrate their contributions, we’ve profiled a few who’ve been with us from the start. 

Erica, the Captain of Her Own Ship

Just like Lyft co-founder John Zimmer, Erica is obsessed with hospitality. She spent decades running San Francisco restaurants and bars with her family, but found she missed free nights and weekends. She decided to apply her mastery of 5-star experiences to a more flexible schedule.

Over 17,000 rides later — the most of any female driver — the empty nester is about to trade in the road for the open seas. Erica’s gearing up to sail her new boat to the US Virgin Islands, where she and her husband will offer day tours and cozy beds on Airbnb. No matter the vessel, she’s still delighting friends through the sharing economy. 

Lucie, the Auto Aficionado

For Lucie, giving great rides starts with the vehicle. She’s immersed herself in learning all things auto, from basic car maintenance to those extra touches that create a memorable ride.

While Lucie credits Erin Kennedy, another beloved female Lyft driver, for teaching her everything she knows, Lucie’s become an expert in her own right. After nearly 15,000 rides, she’s the one passing along advice:

“Learn how to change your own tire, stretch often, and carry a snack — in the car and in life.”

Sara, the Trend-Setter

In Hollywood, every connection could be your next big break. Sara’s experienced this firsthand behind the wheel: She’s landed not one, but two internships through her Lyft passengers.

The fashion stylist and student has turned every ride into a networking opportunity, while earning along the way.

“I had friends in class who were missing tests because of work, and that just wasn’t an option for me.”

This next year will be a big one for Sara. As she finishes her Fashion Marketing program, she’ll have the opportunity to turn her current internship into a full-time job — leaving her just enough time to hit her 10,000-ride milestone. 

Sera, the Night Owl

"I like to say, be yourself. Be proud of what you’ve achieved." Sera doesn’t just give rides, she imparts wisdom. Whether the late-night driver is picking up passengers after the last call or a long flight, she makes it more than a ride. It’s a trait she inherited from her own mother, and one she hopes to pass along.

“We empower others — our children, spouses, friends — but it’s important we feel good about ourselves, too.”

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