Quickly Access Help When You Need It

A Lyft driver taking a break

We hope you never find yourself in a situation where you need to call 911. But in the rare event that you do, such as a medical emergency or accident, a speedy response is critical. Now you can access 911 from your Lyft Driver app. Get help fast by tapping the ^ and selecting Emergency assistance.

Important info at your fingertips

The app will also display your current location and vehicle information (including your license plate number), making it easy for you to tell 911 dispatchers your details, so help can be on the way faster.

Emergency Access product screen

How it works

  1. When online, tap Emergency assistance from the ^ in the top-right corner.

  2. Tap Call 911.

  3. Return to your app to tell the 911 dispatcher your location and vehicle info.

We’re here for you

Your safety is our priority. After calling 911, we’ll make sure your acceptance rating is protected and will follow up by email to make sure you’re OK. If you need additional help you can email us back or talk with our Critical Response Team over the phone.  

If the unexpected happens, we’re here for you.