Destination Mode Filters

Friends riding home in a Lyft Lux

Destination Mode is built to work around your schedule. Use the ‘Arrive on time’ filter to earn as you like and get where you’re going on time. Or, use the ‘Head to destination’ filter to earn as you drive your daily commute. With this update, we’re reducing the number of times you can use Destination Mode: You’ll be able to use it twice per day.

Filter by Arrival Time

02-filter by arrival time-2x.png

NEW: Set an arrival time for when you need to be somewhere at a specific time.  Stay on schedule with the ‘Arrive on time’ filter. It pairs you with rides in any direction while still getting you where you need to be, when you need to be there.

Filter by destination

03-filter by destination-2x.png

You’re now 20% more likely to get ride requests from passengers that are heading in your direction with ‘Head to destination.’

The ‘Head to destination’ filter lets you specify where you're headed and matches you with requests that get you closer to your destination — and keeps the earnings coming, too. Just tell us where you're heading and we'll match you with passengers going in the same general direction.