Clark County Business License How-To

A Lyft driver leaning against the hood of his car

 Step 1: Go to the Clark County Website

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Step 2: Confirming your Region

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Step 3: Filling in Basic Information

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Step 4: Filling out Business Basics & Contact Information

Clark County Step 4 revised.png

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CC BL NVBL 2.png

Step 5: Completing your Application

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Step 6: Review & Pay

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I’ve Paid for my Business License. Now what?

After completing the business license application, a business license laminated card will be sent to your mailing address within 14 business days. During the period in which you are waiting for the license card to arrive, a business license receipt will suffice as proof of having a Clark County Business License.

Display your Clark County Business License Card in your Car.

Post the laminated card in the lower right of the vehicle windshield.

image of business license card

Need to renew your Clark County Business License?

Renew your Clark County License annually by following the instructions here.

Want to Cancel your Clark County Business License?

If you are no longer driving with Lyft, and want to cancel your Clark County Business license, fill out a Request to Surrender Business License form, and send it to Clark County. There are instructions at the bottom of the form for where to send your cancellation.

Additional Questions About the Clark County Business License?

Schedule an appointment to visit the Lyft Las Vegas Hub at 7255 S Tenaya Way #300A, Las Vegas, NV 89113 or schedule an appointment with Clark County directly

Please note the Lyft Hub or Express Drive locations may not be able to answer all questions regarding the status of your business license.