Proposition 22 passed!

Prop 22 passed: Moving forward in California

Now that Prop 22 has passed, you can keep your independence and receive new benefits and protections. 

Here’s what Prop 22 gives you:

  • Continued flexibility: Drive when and where you want — and take the breaks that are best for you.

  • Guaranteed minimum earnings: Make a guaranteed minimum, including compensation for vehicle expenses.

  • New healthcare benefits: Become eligible for benefits starting at just 15 hours/week.

  • More insurance coverage: Get automatic occupational accident coverage, including medical and disability benefits for any injuries on the job.

This is a big step forward. In the coming weeks, we will provide more details and explain how you can access these new benefits. We’ll also host a call to answer any questions you might have.

Thank you for your help, and for being part of the Lyft community. 

In the meantime, here are some of the most common questions we’ve heard from drivers: 

When will my driving experience change because of the results of Prop 22?

Because Prop 22 passed, drivers will receive historic new protections and benefits. We will likely begin to roll out these benefits in mid-December, after the results of the election have been certified. As always, we'll keep you updated.

When will my benefits change? 

We haven’t made adjustments to Lyft’s platform in California yet. We believe these results will  become official as early as mid-December, and we will begin to roll out the benefits then. As always, we'll keep you updated.

This announcement contains forward-looking statements about Lyft, including statements about our business model and the impact of the Proposition 22 results. Factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those addressed in the forward-looking statements are detailed in our filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. We do not undertake an obligation to update our forward-looking statements to reflect future events, except as required by applicable law.