Amp 101

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Your secret to smoother pickups, Amp is a first-of-its-kind device that wirelessly syncs with your phone, sits right on your car’s dashboard, lights up, and changes colors. Once you reach 250 rides, you'll be eligible for one. 

Amp Highlights

  • New feature! Amp now displays “NEW RIDE” when you receive a new ride request.

  • It changes color to match your passenger’s Lyft app, making it easier for them to find you, especially at night.

  • Delighted passengers will be inspired to leave good reviews and tips.

  • It’s Lyft’s front trade dress in markets that require it. Learn more about local requirements.

  • It’s the strong silent type, with up to eight hours of battery life.   We’re working on even more updates to make your Amp even better. Have ideas, thoughts, or feedback you’d like to share about your Amp? Send them our way. #AmpItUp