Airing is caring

COVID-19 doesn’t spread as easily when there’s fresh air around you, which is why it’s so important to keep outside air flowing into a car. We partnered with the University of Tennessee Health Science Center to create a ventilation guide, specifically for rideshare, to help you know the best ways to do that.

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Your Air Care Guide

These recommendations — for how to limit the spread of COVID-19 between a driver and rider — are based on the latest guidance from the CDC and a scientific study from the University of Massachusetts.

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Best-case scenario

When the weather is good and driving conditions are too (e.g., when you’re not on a highway).

Keep all 4 windows completely open.
Sit on opposite sides of the car and keep your mask on the entire ride.
Let your car air out, if you’re a driver, by leaving the doors and windows open whenever you get a chance.

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Next best-case

During extreme weather, or on highways, when it’s hard to have all the windows open.*

Keep 2 windows completely open — ideally, the front right and rear left — to maximize fresh air flow.
During extremes of winter or summer, keep things comfortable by turning the heat or air conditioning on high.
Don’t use recirculated air (the button has an arrow loop) — ever.

*If you aren’t able to open any windows, turn the fan on to the highest setting.

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Keep your distance while you’re sharing the ride:

Leave the front seat empty at all times.
Avoid handling each other’s personal belongings.
Install a vehicle partition in your car, if you’re a driver — available on the Lyft Store in the US.


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Another way to take care

Check out our Clean Ride Guide, with expert recommendations on how to clean your car and help protect yourself and others from the coronavirus.