Uplyft Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), in partnership with Lyft’s Inclusion and Diversity Team, are key stakeholders to foster a healthy, inclusive environment for all team members. As spaces for community, networking, mentorship, and education — ERGs at Lyft are active stewards of Lyft’s mission; helping us stay grounded in our values and connected to the diverse communities we serve.

As Lyft strives to be the leader in creating a welcoming environment for all identities, the insight gained from our ERGs is critical in shaping the direction, mission, and vision for a company built on safety and connectivity. Our ERGs help shape and support our ever-changing community so that every team member knows they belong.

United under the umbrella of “UpLyft,” anyone and everyone can join an ERG at Lyft. Here are our nine ERG communities:

UpLyft Ascend

UpLyft Ascend aims to advocate for Asian Pacific Islander identities at Lyft, foster community, and facilitate professional growth in the workplace and beyond.

UpLyft Forward

UpLyft Forward is a collective of Lyft’s Black team members and allies seeking to foster community and encourage growth across all markets. We are dedicated to building an inclusive environment that reflects the communities we serve by increasing and supporting the presence of Black team members in Tech.


LyftOut strives to promote diversity and create positive change through advocacy, communication, empowerment, inclusiveness, and respect while representing and supporting the LGBTQ+ community we serve.

UpLyft Families

Uplyft Families is a diverse community of parents, caregivers, and allies that seeks to foster a supportive network and culture for Lyft caregivers, whatever form they take.

UpLyft Tech

UpLyft Tech invests in the professional development of our team members and consults on best practices when retaining and hiring tech talent. We empower underrepresented team members in tech by partnering with the Equitable Development Initiative (EDI), cross-collaborating with other ERGs on high-impact initiatives, and partnering with cross-functional teams to enable annual events and community building.

UpLyft Unidos

UpLyft Unidos brings together Lyft team members who are passionate about advocating for the success and advancement of Latinx, Hispanics, & Spanish-speakers at Lyft, in tech, and in the larger community. We seek to ensure that this community is fairly represented in our workspace, on the Lyft platform, and beyond.

UpLyft Veterans

Uplyft Veterans works to foster a sense of community among military veterans and their families, as well as advocating for the advancement of veterans into careers in tech.

Uplyft Women

Uplyft Women is a diverse community that seeks to strengthen, empower, and encourage the advocacy of all women at Lyft by providing opportunities to promote leadership, cultivate professional and personal growth, and build connections through partnerships and community outreach.

Uplyft Together

UpLyft Together aims to build a culture where all employees are empowered to be their best and do their best by prioritizing mental and personal wellness, diverse abilities, and accessibility of all services, tools, and resources. We are composed of 3 subgroups: Uplyft Minds, KissFist Lyft, and Uplyft Thrive.