Lyft Pass Launch Guide

Move your people your way with Lyft Pass

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Lyft Pass lets you fully or partially cover the cost of rides for your people, while controlling usage and budget. Create a new Lyft Pass program directly from the Lyft Business Portal where you can:

Decide the budget: Determine how much of each ride you’ll cover and the total budget for the program

Rule the ride: Control where the ride picks up and drops off, what type of ride is used, and when it can be used

Share with ease: Ensure your people are benefiting from Lyft Pass by sharing via email, phone number, code or a direct link

Get visibility: Monitor usage and spend easily with reporting

Rides for every use case

Lyft Pass is flexible for any use case your organization needs to move their people. Common use cases for Lyft Pass programs include:

  • Commute: rides to or from the office during commute hours Monday through Friday
  • Campus shuttle: rides between buildings for employees or students
  • Emergency rides: rides for employees when they need it
  • Customer rides: rides for customers to or from your business
  • Interviews: rides for job applicants to or from their interview
  • Late night: ensure employee safety with rides home in the evening
  • Event or conference: limited-time rides to or from an event venue
  • Create your own: customize your own ride pass based on your unique use case
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Getting started

The Lyft Business Portal is your central place for setting up and managing various Lyft Pass programs. To get started, request access to Lyft Pass by setting up a call with our team.

Once you’ve been approved, follow these easy steps to get set up:

  1. In your Lyft Business Portal, select Lyft Pass then Programs. You’ll then see any existing programs you already have in place.
  2. To add a new Lyft Pass program, click Add Program on the top right.

With Lyft Pass, customize your program for your organization’s specific needs:

lyft pass program name and description screen

Program name

Decide what to name the program and how to describe it. The name and description shows up on the Programs page to help you quickly identify your programs. You’ll be able to customize the program name and description for riders in a later step.

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Pass types

Determine whether your riders will receive a one-time pass or a monthly recurring pass. One-time passes work well for immediate transportation needs that expire on a certain date and don’t renew. Monthly recurring passes are best for automatically renewing benefits and are typically used by people within your organization

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Program basics

The value of the pass can be set up in two ways:

  • Credits - like cash, credits can be used on any amount of rides until the balance is $0. For example, if the pass is $50, riders can decide to take one $50 ride, two $25 rides, five $10 rides, etc.
  • Rides - offer a number of rides where the cost of the ride is covered up to a specific amount. For example, you can offer 10 rides with $5 off each ride. Any unused credit will not roll over to the next ride.
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Choose when Lyft Pass can be used and when it expires. The ability to set a duration is only available for one-time Lyft Passes since recurring passes will always renew on the first of the month.

Consider leaving extra time before and after. For example, if you have an event that lasts 7-9 PM, you might set the duration to 6:00 - 10:00 PM for your guests to request the ride, get picked up and arrive at their destinations.

Sharing methods

One-time Lyft Passes can be shared via:

Phone number
By using a phone number, you can automatically drop the passes directly into your riders’ Lyft accounts. If a rider’s phone number is not tied to a Lyft account, they will be asked to sign up for Lyft and the pass will be ready to use once they complete their account setup.

General code or link
This is a single custom code that can be redeemed by anyone that has it and is best for easy sharing. You can also determine a set number of redemptions to control sharing. This method can be used on your website, marketing channels, event invitations or flyers and is best if you don’t have your people’s contact information. You can also generate a direct link to share with your people so they can claim their pass.

Unique codes
This is a list of unique custom codes that can be claimed by only one rider each and is best for secure sharing. With unique codes, you can control exposure since each code can only be redeemed by one rider.

Monthly recurring Lyft Passes can be shared using:

Work Email Addresses
Use this method if the Lyft Pass is for your employees. By sharing to their work email address, your riders will be linked to your Lyft Business Portal via your organization’s domain (e.g. so that you can get additional reporting insights.

Learn more about sharing methods here.

Ride restrictions

Customize ride restrictions and when Lyft Pass can be used by riders:

Time windows
Determine when a Lyft Pass can be used - whether that’s anytime, weekdays, or specific days and times. With custom time windows, you can control the exact time of day or specific day of the week the ride is taken. This is particularly useful for events and commutes.

Ride locations allow you to choose the location restrictions of where your Lyft Pass rides can be taken.

  • Anywhere in the United States
  • To or from locations - Specify pick up or dropoff locations for rides
  • Between locations - Specify pick up and dropoff locations for rides

Require more complex location restrictions? Our account management team can set them up for you. Contact us here to discuss.

Ride type
Control the various ride types that can be covered by Lyft Pass. From Shared, Lyft, Lyft XL, and Lyft Black, you can select all ride types or just a few.

Additional settings

Under ‘Additional settings,’ you can choose reporting settings and customize communications sent to your riders about your Lyft Pass program.

Reporting allows you to choose a daily, weekly, or monthly cadence of email reports on the usage of Lyft Pass. You also can monitor usage in real time by clicking into the program from the programs list page.

Rider communication
Customize how your Lyft Pass appears to riders in the app, emails, and text messages. Pass Name is how the program use case will be referred to. Organization Name is how you want your people to refer to your company. For example, in the Lyft App, it may say “[Organization Name] gave you $20 for [Pass Name].” In this example, you may want to say “Acme Co. gave you $20 for Daily Commute.

Need more info? Learn more about how to set up Lyft Pass programs here.

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Rider experience

However you share your Lyft Pass, riders will be taken through an in-app onboarding experience. Want to add your company logo? Contact us here to request a branded Lyft Pass. Ride rules are clearly stated so they’ll know when to use the pass. Plus, the pass will automatically apply whenever the ride is eligible. Riders can deselect Lyft Pass before they close out the ride on the payment screen.

Learn more about how riders can use Lyft Pass here.

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