Set up your business travel program

With Lyft Business, you can provide reliable transportation that simplifies reporting and reduces ground transportation costs.

This launch guide has everything you need to get started in the Lyft Business Portal and introduce your team members to business profiles.

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The Lyft Business Portal is your central place for managing your people, transportation programs, and insights about it all.

To get set up, follow these easy steps:

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1. Set up payment

There are two main options when it comes to setting up payment for your organization’s rides:

Riders charge rides directly to your organization

Auto pay lets employees charge business rides directly to your organization’s credit card. You can enable auto pay for all your riders, or just a select few. Learn more about setting up auto pay.

Riders pay for rides, then get reimbursed

If you don’t set up auto pay, riders can pay for their own rides and then seek reimbursement later on. When riders set up their business profile they can choose to have their ride receipts forwarded automatically to your organization’s expense provider.

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2. Invite your people

To start riding, invite your people to sign up for a business profile under your organization. All you need are their email addresses, and you can invite them through the Lyft Business Portal. Learn more.

Want to automate access on an ongoing basis? If you use SAP Concur, you can set up a sync via the Concur App Center. You can also set up a sync through Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).

Once you’ve sent your invites, your riders will receive a setup email from Lyft (see right) — be sure to let them know to check their inboxes and encourage them to set up their business profile on mobile.

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3. Get insights & reports

The Lyft Business Portal gives you insight into the rides your employees are taking so that you can track spend and ensure duty of care.

To see individual transactions, click ‘Rides’ under the ‘Business Profiles’ tab.

To see all rides taken by your organization, click ‘Reports’ under the ‘Business Profiles’ tab. You’ll then see downloadable monthly reports on your team members’ ride activity, including cost, route, ride time, and expense notes. You can also see your auto pay rides by clicking the drop down on the right side. Learn more.

Explore features

4. Explore features

Check out the following features to boost your business travel ground transportation program:

Organization – This tab is home to basic info about your account, such as your organization’s name, size, and the email domain you’ve entered.

People — This is where you’ll invite riders to create a business profile, give admin permissions, and more. Learn more about people management .

Payments – Go here to update your credit card info or view your billing history. Learn more about payment methods.

Automation – If your organization uses SAP Concur, you can connect them to Lyft’s platform here. It’s also where can also enable SFTP for automatic syncing. Learn more about automatic syncing.

Roll out your program

Your final step will be to let team members know that Lyft is officially part of your travel program. The following resources can help:

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Follow our roll out guide

Download our Business Travel Roll Out Guide for resources and best practices for introducing your organization to Lyft.

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Show them how

Send an internal email to let your riders know they’ll be getting an invitation to create a business profile. Attach our announcement one-pager and how-to guide to make setup easy.

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