Five women-owned spots to celebrate Women’s History Month (or any month)

Vanessa Quirk - Mar 7, 2024
TALEA Cobble Hill Taproom (Image credit: Alice Gao)

This year, why not celebrate Women’s History Month in the best way possible — by supporting (and connecting with) other women? Need inspiration? Here are five women-owned businesses that women Lyft riders love. And if you need an extra nudge, we’ll pay for part of your ride! Read on for the details.

Gossip Grill (San Diego, California) 

March 17: St. Patrick’s Day

March 29: Drag King Show

Gossip Grill (Image credit: Brittany Leach)

“Welcome Home Beautiful.” That’s how a neon-pink sign greets visitors at Hillcrest’s iconic LGBTQ+/women’s nightclub and restaurant. Since 2009, owner Moe Girton has created an exuberant, friendly “safe space” for San Diego’s LGBTQ+ community members and their allies. Before then, there weren’t many places for queer women to congregate, says Gossip Grill’s Britt Leach. “Moe decided to do something about it.” Now, Gossip Grill constantly bumps with activity, from Drag Bingo to Cabaret Brunch to Karaoke and Trivia. “People come to be celebrated for their uniqueness, to be safe from judgment, and to dance like no one is watching.”

Gossip Grill will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on March 17 and host a Drag King show on March 29. Deliciously strong cocktails will be available at both — so plan accordingly. “We would love to make sure all our girlies, gays, and theys make it home safely after a long, fun day of drinking at Gossip,” says Leach.

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TALEA (Brooklyn, New York)

March 20: Business Plan 101 

TALEA West Village Taproom (Image credit: Brooke Holm)

TALEA is a rare find: a brewery clearly designed with women in mind. Cofounders Tara Hankinson and Navy vet LeAnn Darland intentionally set out to draw “a non-beer-bro audience,” offering events like morning working hours for freelancers, kids’ music programming for families, and taproom vinyasa. It seems to have worked; more than 60% of Lyft ride drop-offs at TALEA come from female passengers. 

On March 20, TALEA’s flagship location in Williamsburg will host Hankinson’s Business Plan 101 mini-lecture. Come for the business savvy, stay to meet and drink with other entrepreneurs — maybe your future cofounder. (P.S. If you can’t attend this event, you can still use the ride code to go to any of TALEA’s other locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan!)

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The Sports Bra (Portland, Oregon) 

March 29–31: Women’s March Madness 

The Sports Bra (Image credit: Shannon Dupre)

Jenny Nguyen is a women’s sports superfan, and she often felt that if people had more opportunities to watch, they’d become fans too. So Nguyen created a sports bar “dedicated to uplifting, empowering, and promoting girls and women in sports.” Since 2022, The Sports Bra has welcomed people of all genders, walks of life, and ages (the restaurant, which serves comfort food like burgers and nachos, caters to families until 10 p.m.). Even non-sports fans, Nguyen insists, are welcome. “Some folks come to watch their favorite teams, but others come to just hang out and feel a place of belonging.” 

Between March 29 and April 1, Portland is hosting the women’s March Madness regionals at the Moda Center. Take a Lyft ride to The Sports Bra — where folks will certainly be celebrating — and, if you’re drinking, definitely take one home after the games.

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The Funky Latina Music Festival (Phoenix, Arizona)

March 30: The Crescent Ballroom

The Funky Latina Music Festival (Image credit: Lissett Denis)

Phoenix-based Elyssa Bustamante is a DJ who interviews indie Latin musicians on Instagram; again and again, they’d tell her that they had the passion — they just needed more opportunities to play. So, in 2022, she started The Funky Latina Music Festival — an annual showcase for Latin artists across musical genres. “The festival was sparked out of trying to fill a void, a need in my community.”  

This year’s event will take place on March 30 at the Crescent Ballroom. “If you’re interested in finding new music or you just love good music,” says Bustamante, “this is the perfect event for you. Before long you won’t be able to see these artists for $25.” And, she adds, don’t be afraid to come alone. As Bustamante puts it: Never underestimate “the power of music to bring people together and to connect us all.”

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Semicolon Books (Chicago, Illinois)

April 27: Independent Bookstore Day / #CleartheShelves Fundraiser

Semicolon Books (Image credit: D’Annette Mullen)

DL Mullen may be an author and editor with a Ph.D. in literary theory — but don’t be intimidated by her bookstore. “I wanted a place where I could show up as my full self — and where others could comfortably do the same,” explains Mullen. So she filled the Semicolon Books — the only one in Chicago owned by a Black woman — with art by Black artists and cozy chairs. “People come to our space because it’s comfortable and welcoming, above all,” says Mullen. To make sure her shop/gallery can continue to give back to the community, last year, she restructured the business as a nonprofit with a mission to bridge the racial literacy gap.

In addition to supporting a woman-owned business, you can also celebrate Independent Bookstore Day this April 27 by heading to Semicolon. The day will kick off with a #CleartheShelves event from 9 to noon: Parents and their school-aged children will be invited to have refreshments and take whatever books/merchandise they want, free of charge.

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