The United States of Music Fans

Sarah Conlisk - Nov 1, 2023
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After a two- to three-year hiatus, many musicians once again took to the stage in 2023 — and fans were ready and waiting. Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour broke ticket-sale records worldwide. Dead & Company (the Grateful Dead spin-off) put on a Final Tour that sold out arenas in New York and San Francisco. And fans attending Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, which reached Beatlemania levels of attention, shook the ground so hard in Seattle that it registered as an earthquake. 

Because many concertgoers took a Lyft to and from these concerts, and artists generally tour across multiple U.S. cities, the Rev team has millions of concert-related data points to dig into. Here’s what distinguishes each musician’s fans:

Dead & Company 

Biggest hippies: Over twice as likely to take a Lyft ride to a dispensary and least likely to go to the office.

Music Tours Dead & Company

Taylor Swift

Farthest flung: Taylor was the only artist whose fans represented all 50 states; 36% traveled outside their hometown to see her.

Music Tours Taylor Swift


Most loyal: Most likely to have attended more than one show — and to have taken Lyft rides since 2016.

Music Tours Phish


Nightlife lovers: Most likely to go to a hookah lounge or nightclub.

Music Tours Drake


Most productive: Most likely to head to the office and be in bed before 10 p.m. on weekdays.

Music Tours Coldplay

Post Malone 

Chillest students: Third most likely to go to a college or university, but least likely to go to the library.

Music Tours Post Malone

Karol G

Youngest at heart: Most likely to go to the mall (favorite store: Forever 21) and last to leave a bar or club.

Music Tours Karol G


Best self-carers: Most likely to go to a spa or hair salon. 

Music Tours Beyonce

Bruce Springsteen 

Biggest romantics: Most likely to go out to dinner on Valentine’s Day and go to Central Park

Music Tours Bruce Springsteen

Jonas Brothers

Sweetest: Most likely to go to a pet store or get ice cream.

Music Tours Jonas Brothers


Biggest homebodies: Most likely to visit Home Depot and twice as likely to go to Whole Foods as any other fan.

Music Tours Metallica

George Strait

Most rugged: Most likely to visit a campsite, but least likely to go to a spa.

Music Tours George Strait

Ed Sheeran

Nicest: Most Canadian fans and tied for the biggest maximum tip.

Music Tours Ed Sheeran


Biggest bodybuilders: Most likely to eat fast food — and hit the gym.