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Striving for fairness in our pay practices at Lyft

Danielle Adams - Jul 31, 2019
Poster - 2019/7/31/striving-for-fairness-in-our-pay-practices-at-lyft

Everything we do at Lyft is rooted in our core values: Be Yourself, Uplift Others, and Make it Happen. And it’s my team’s job to ensure that all Lyft team members, who uphold these values and live our mission every day, know that they can achieve their full potential by being who they are.

At Lyft, we integrate inclusion into how we work, our people practices, and at every touchpoint across the organization. And we deeply believe that fair and equitable pay is a fundamental component of ensuring inclusion of all team members.

Last year, we committed to annual third-party audits to ensure Lyft’s pay philosophy and practices transcend race and gender. The audit assesses whether statistically significant pay disparities between team members of different genders or races performing substantially similar work exist. This year, this analysis captured nearly 4,700 U.S. team members and measured the components of Lyft’s compensation such as base salary and equity, and I’m proud to share the results. The third-party audit found no statistically significant pay disparities between team members of different genders or races that were not driven by legitimate business reasons such as skills and experience. 

While these results reinforce Lyft’s strong foundation, we recognize that there is always more that we can do. We know that a commitment to fair pay also means a commitment to combating gender and racial wage gaps that still exist in society and ensuring that women and people of color have the same opportunities to be hired and promoted into higher paying roles as their peers. And we have already taken a number of steps, including structuring our interviewing to reduce the amount of subjectivity in hiring decisions and championing our employee resource groups to help shape the direction and values of Lyft. This is a year-round, consistent effort, and I’m excited for Lyft to continue playing its part. - Emily Nishi, Chief People Officer at Lyft