Lyft riders’ top spots along the lunar path

Sarah Conlisk - Mar 28, 2024

On April 8, 2024, the moon will completely obscure the view of the sun in a total solar eclipse. For those in the “path of totality,” the sky will go dark, animals may go wild, and you might see a 360-degree “sunset.” You also might be looking for something to eat, especially if you’re among the many travelers to one of the cities along the path

Every day, Lyft helps millions of riders, residents and visitors alike, explore the city they’re in — including by trying out its restaurants and bars. So Rev parsed through Lyft’s aggregated data on rides to determine the most beloved spots along the path of totality. That way you can spend less time worrying about where to eat and more time watching the skies.

Columbus, Ohio

Law Bird

There must be some superior mixology happening at Law Bird — Lyft riders flocked to the cocktail bar last year, a 68% jump in drop-offs from 2022.  Maybe it’s the endlessly entertaining menu of $5 mini martinis, tropical vegetal negronis, and — perhaps most intriguingly — a “Spritz Tupac Would F*ck With.” (Those looking to keep things eclipse-themed might consider “In the Name of The Moon,” a salted Lychee Martini.) For the nibblers, they offer snacks of chips and caviar.

Budd Dairy Food Hall

Indecisive diners should look no further than Budd Dairy Food Hall, a sprawling multilevel establishment with options ranging from hand-pressed corn tortilla tacos to lobster rolls (Maine or Connecticut style). Beyond the diverse menu, Budd Dairy Food Hall has an enormous roof deck — perfect for eclipse viewing.

Buffalo, New York

Bertha’s Diner

Customers love this cozy, retro diner, with over 90% of drop-offs being locals, for its classics like omelets, waffles, and corned beef hash. It must be delicious, too –– over a quarter of Lyft riders come back for a second time.

Jack Rabbit Buffalo

It’s not just about the drinks at Jack Rabbit Buffalo. There’s live music (every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday night), an enticing rotisserie-chicken-forward food menu, and a choose-your-own ambience: Patrons can roam between four themed rooms, including “cozy piano” and “sexy game room dungeon.”

Indianapolis, Indiana

Upland Brewing

Upland Brewing describes itself as a place where “flavor, discourse, debate, laughter, and conversation flow as freely as our beer.” The craft brewery has three locations in Indianapolis, and each offers not only a tantalizing beer selection (Champagne Velvet Lager, anyone?) but also a menu of elevated pub fare, featuring Bison Egg Rolls and a burger topped with fig jam.

Tin Roof

If all the wacky moon activity makes you want to dance, then head to Tin Roof, a quirky and unpretentious joint that gives “musicians a place to play and a place to hang when they aren’t on stage.” Past artists include big names like Kacey Musgraves and Florida Georgia Line. If you get hungry, Tin Roof boasts award-winning queso and wings, with a promising credo: “No microwaves in the kitchen.”

Little Rock, Arkansas

Hill Station

Hill Station is a neighborhood restaurant residing in an old cinder-block gas station — right next door to an artisan butcher shop. Beyond ridiculously fresh meat, Hill Station features the best outdoor seating in town — always a great fit for kids, dogs, and, this April, eclipse lovers.

Midtown Billiards

Midtown Billiards has been a Little Rock staple since 1940. The bar, which opens at 3 p.m. and closes at 5 a.m., welcomes day drinkers and night owls alike. Depending on your hand-eye coordination, you may want to stay clear of the Thursday night happy hour, where tradition includes the “bottle-toss,” a competition in which the last participant to throw a bottle into a trashcan across the room has to buy a round for the whole bar.

Dallas, Texas

Truck Yard

The Truck Yard is a no-BS watering hole with a huge backyard filled with scrap metal decor, live musicians, and two to three food trucks. Get the cheesesteak — a melty, sticky, literal hot mess. If the weather is good and the sky is clear, you’ll be in heaven.

Las Almas Rotas

Is tequila more your speed than cheesesteak? Then Las Almas Rotas, a gem embedded in the oft-overlooked Expo Park in East Dallas, is for you. Do not forget to ask about the tacos — and if the spirits room is haunted.