Your solar eclipse horoscope from a driver/astrologer

Sarah Conlisk - Mar 27, 2024
Illustration by María Jesús Contreras

In 2019, Claude Chalk decided to turn his decade-long interest in astrology into a profession. He moved from Philadelphia to Los Angeles, where he felt the spiritual community was more prevalent, and started honing his astrology skills into a practice. A few years later, the stars told him it was time to make a change. “My North Node, my point of destiny, is in Gemini,” Chalk explains, “which is associated with the third house — and that includes automobiles and driving.” So he ramped up his driving with Lyft.

The stars were onto something: Lyft has provided Chalk with not only earning opportunities but also the chance to meet fellow astrology buffs. Riders who notice astrology in Chalk’s profile often ask him about it. On long trips, Chalk says, the ride becomes a full-on reading. “When they have to get out of the car, they don’t want to leave.” In fact, Chalk estimates he’s met 150 clients through rideshare. 

And now, Chalk says, we are about to face an astrologically significant event — the total solar eclipse. 

“On April 8, you’ll have four “planets” — the sun, the moon, Mercury, and Venus — in the sign of Aries,” he says. “When planets are all in the same sign, that’s called a stellium, which causes a preponderance of energy in one area, in this case, Aries, which is associated with the individual self, asserting yourself, your identity.”

In general, he says, an eclipse marks “an ending and a beginning.” In this one, people will stop focusing on how others view them and start focusing inward: “In a sense, the energy of this eclipse is giving you free rein to be a bit more selfish. The more passionate you feel about something, the more you’re moving in the right direction.” 

Chalk says to expect a surge of energy — lasting from a few days before the eclipse to a few days after. As for his plans? “I’m a Pisces, and I am going to take the day to reflect. Go to the mountains or the park, get away from everyone else’s energy, and just reflect on myself.”

Here are Chalk’s sign-specific horoscopes for the solar eclipse:


You’ll realize a relationship is holding you back. You’ll detach from that and worry less about what others think.


It’s a time for taking risks in your love life as well as with creative pursuits.


You will be compelled to confront hidden fears, secrets, and behaviors that hinder your growth.


It’s a time for forging a new group of friends.


You’ve been comfortable behind the scenes in your professional life, but you’re going to move into a leadership role.


You might embark on a new journey, either of higher learning or travel.


It’s a time for creating new routines for your health and wellness.


You may find yourself confronting intense personal experiences, but you’ll adopt new tools for dealing with them.


It’s a time to cut out people who are trying to mooch off of you and find partners who are for real.


You’ll start learning new skills and communication styles.


You are likely to experience a change in your home life, perhaps a new house or family structure.


You’ll stop feeling like a victim and start understanding and owning your self-worth.