Introducing Scootiquette: Getting Around Austin on Two Wheels

Lyft Scooters Scootiquette Blog Post

Improving people’s lives with the world’s best transportation options calls for more than just cars — that’s why we added scooters to the Lyft lineup in 13 cities, including Austin.

One thing cities definitely haven’t been built around? Scooters. If you haven’t heard, the two-wheeled toys from your childhood have been electrified and reinvented as the newest form of shared mobility.

Practice Good Scootiquette

Lyft scooters are a fun, affordable way to get around Austin — especially during festival season. We want festival-goers to have fantastically fun (and safe) scooter rides. So working with our Austin-based creative agency, McGarrah Jessee, we created this handy Guide to Good Scootiquette.

It’s filled with scootering tips, do’s and dont’s — and much more. (Hint: one person on a scooter at a time, be careful at night, try a helmet.) Pick one up in Austin!  

It’s Easy to Dock Your Scooter

And because festivals are way more fun with pals, we’re introducing our Austin scooters to some new best friends: parking racks. Yep, they’re exactly what they sound like: places you can pick up a scooter or dock it when you’re done scooting. We’re thrilled to partner with a local Austin biz, Birds Barbershop, to offer scooter stations at their select locations throughout March.

Not only are scooter racks convenient, they’ll help keep sidewalks clear for pedestrians and people with disabilities; provide a known, reliable spot where riders can go to pick up a scooter; and help support local businesses.

We’re excited to see everyone in Austin and to get scooting! Remember — a little scootiquette will go a long way toward making the city a great place to be and to get around.