Ride Smart with Lyft and Charlotte Independent Brewers Alliance

Poster - 2019/4/2/ride-smart-with-lyft-and-charlotte-independent-brewers-alliance

Ride Smart to local breweries and get 50% off your ride home.

Lyft Charlotte has extended our partnership with the Charlotte Independent Brewers Alliance (CIBA) to relaunch our Smart Rides program. This program helps you and your friends enjoy the local brew scene without stressing about how to get home. Whether you’re a new or existing Lyft user, you can now enjoy delicious craft beers from your favorite brewery and then catch a Lyft ride to your next destination, without having to designate one of your squad members as the D.D.

The program is simple: Take a Lyft ride to a participating local brewery or cidery, show any of the staff your ride receipt, and get a code for 50% off your ride home, to snag some pizza, or to the next bar to continue your day or night out!

The program includes 28 of your favorite local breweries and cideries including:

Other Non-CIBA breweries have also joined as part of the Charlotte Ride Smart Program including:

We will continue to add new breweries to our list as the Smart Rides program grows. If you don’t see your favorite watering hole on the list, be sure to tell them to reach out and get signed up. If you are a brewery interested in participating, simply fill out the form below to opt in.

Click here to become a participating brewery!