Remembering Pulse and Supporting the Memorial

Poster - 2019/6/6/remembering-pulse-and-supporting-the-memorial

This June 12 marks the third anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub tragedy. To honor those lost and the families and community who were affected, we’re partnering with the onePULSE Foundation as it works to build the permanent Pulse Nightclub Memorial.

The onePULSE Foundation was established to create a sanctuary of hope to honor the 49 angels that were taken, the 68 others who were injured, and the countless first responders and healthcare professionals who treated them.

We’ll be supporting onePULSE Foundation’s important mission in the following ways:

  • Providing $5 off 2 Lyft rides to or from CommUNITY Rainbow Run and Pulse Interim Memorial from June 8-12 with promo code Lyft4Pulse

  • Donating $5 per ride for every ride taken between June 8-12 to or from CommUNITY Rainbow Run and Pulse Interim Memorial

  • Sponsoring an interactive mural by Michael Pilato, a renowned Orlando artist who crafted the Pulse 1-year anniversary artwork. The new work will feature symbolism that represents the 49 angels of Pulse Nightclub, while showing the resilience of the LGBTQIA+ community. Its first appearance will be at the commUNITY Rainbow Run

  • Encouraging the Orlando Lyft community to stand in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community through “Orlando Strong” messaging on Lyft Amps

Please show your support for the Orlando Community by visiting the Pulse Interim Memorial and joining us in this year’s CommUNITY Rainbow Run. We’ll see you there.