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Pride Month Feature: Daniel Kim

Jun 13, 2024

LyftOut strives to promote diversity and create positive change through advocacy, communication, empowerment, inclusiveness and respect while representing and supporting the LGBTQIA+ community we serve.

Meet Daniel Kim (he/him), Partnership Specialist at Lyft and member of our LyftOut ERG and learn more about what celebration, community, and creativity looks like for him during #PrideMonth and beyond.

What is your role at Lyft, and how did you get into this field?

I’m Daniel, and I work on the Transit & Education Partnerships team. We work with local and state governments, transit agencies, nonprofit organizations, and universities to enhance access to existing public transit networks by broadening mobility options for people. I’m proud of the very real-world issues that my team helps to solve: we provide late-night service after buses and trains have stopped running, create new options for getting around lower-density areas, and bring jobs and grocery access programs to communities across the country.

I live in NYC and joined Lyft earlier this year after spending three years working in corporate health insurance. I am a creative person by nature – outside of work I run a professional baking business catering cakes and cookies for weddings, corporate events, and birthday parties. At Lyft, I can be very creative in my role, building programs and designing innovative solutions for mobility.

What does the theme "We're Here, We're Queer, and We Won't be Silenced" mean to you personally?

To me, it’s a reminder to always show up as my authentic self. Many LGBTQ+ people experience childhood and young adulthood in a very different way, because we can’t conform to the expectations of a predominantly straight society. This can cause a lot of confusion, and even shame, that can make us hide our true selves from the rest of the world. But as we grow, we learn that the differences we have are what make us so special to the communities we belong to. Something that I tried to hide while I was growing up has become something that allows me to connect more deeply with friends and teammates.

Which historical events or figures in the LGBTQ+ community inspire you the most?

In college, I was deeply moved when I learned about AIDS Activism – ordinary people putting themselves on the line to demand better research and treatment into a disease that was ignored and stigmatized for a long time by the general public. It inspired me to join a medical research lab in undergrad that studied HIV host / pathogen interactions. The movement, and coalitions like “ACT UP”, created significant social progress, and I was inspired to focus my education on creating medical progress.

What role do you think community support plays in supporting LGBTQ+ voices?

One of the biggest changes that I see, even from just 10 years ago when I was a teenager, is the overwhelming prevalence of gay role models in all facets of society - government, professional sports, media, influencers, executive leadership teams, and married couples walking down the street. It’s so much easier to imagine many different possible futures for myself when I can actually see people like me inhabiting all of them. This form of community support - knowing that you are accepted by the wider community - is invaluable to making it feel safe to express yourself authentically and pursue your dreams.

How do you plan to celebrate Pride Month this year in a way that affirms your identity and community?

Pride month for me is all about self-care! I’m looking forward to wine & cheese nights with my friends, focusing on my health through cooking meals and fun workout classes, and many many get-togethers at fun happy hour spots now that NYC is warming up!