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Personalize Your Ride with New Black Features

Zachary Kizer - Oct 14, 2020

Choosing to ride Black means you’re looking for an elevated ride with exceptional service.

To take your experience to the next level, we’ve upgraded the Black experience so you can share your ride preferences with your driver right from the app. With more control, you get the ride you want, every time. 

Select Your Ride Preferences  

Share your preferences as you request your Black ride so your driver can get the vehicle ready for you. Preferences include: 


Let your driver know your preferred vehicle temperature (cool, warm, or no preference) so they can adjust it upon arrival.

Quiet ride 

Tell your driver if you want no music or minimal conversation so you can just do your own thing, whether it’s working or relaxing.

Bag or luggage 

Got some bags in tow? For your health and safety, your driver will park close to the curb and pop the trunk so you can easily load your own bags. 

Extra Pickup Time 

There’s no need to rush to the car now that pickup wait times have been extended from five to 10 minutes. So take your time — your driver will be there. 

Top-Notch Service 

In select cities, Black rides will be serviced by professional drivers so you always get the highest-quality experience.