Our Ongoing Commitment to Pay Fairness

Our Ongoing Commitment to Pay Fairness

One of the most powerful examples of Lyft’s core values and devotion to inclusivity is our ongoing commitment to pay fairness. For our fourth consecutive year, we conducted an annual third-party pay equity audit to assess for any systemic issues in our compensation, and today we're providing insight into how the audit was conducted and share results. 

“Pay Equity” means team members performing substantially similar work are paid without regard to race or gender, and that if a pay difference does exist, it is due to legitimate business reasons. We retained a third party expert to conduct statistical tests on ~4,400 U.S. based team members’ annual salary, equity awards, and total compensation at hire. The goal was to identify whether statistically significant pay disparities existed between different demographic (gender and race) groups that perform substantially similar work. Where our analysis identified disparities, we investigated.

We’re happy to share that in 2020, we did not find any pattern of statistically significant pay disparities for different gender or racial groups after accounting for legitimate business factors like performance, experience, and location.

Equal pay for equal work should not be a complicated or debated issue, yet as a society we still have a ways to go. We’re proud that Lyft’s practices continue to exemplify the principle that team members performing substantially similar work should be compensated without regard to race or gender. We will continue to be a leader in pay fairness and are excited to continue to implement practices that support it across the company.