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Meet Lyft’s Next-Gen Scooter

Feb 8, 2023
Next-Gen Scooter Handlebars

Our new scooter is hitting the streets, offering improved safety features and a smoother, more comfortable riding experience. With a phone mount for easy in-ride navigation, and more power for zippier departures and arrivals, our next-gen scooter is an ideal travel companion for short rides. It also has increased versatility for cities as it has AI-powered sidewalk detection for safety, it can be customized to park in a micromobility station or lock to a fixed object, as well as either charge in grid-connected stations or have its battery swapped.

“We’ve seen the tremendous benefits of station-based bikeshare, which is why we partnered with Chicago DOT to bring scooters into our Divvy station-based ecosystem. This next generation scooter is another leap forward delivering on our vision for the future of two-wheeled transportation, and we believe we’re the right company to deliver on it at scale,” said David Foster, EVP and Head of Transit, Bikes and Scooters at Lyft

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Combining bikes and scooters into one membership as part of a station-based system shows promise for increasing modeshift. On the Divvy system in Chicago, nearly 75% of scooter riders start or end their trip in a station. Since introducing Divvy e-scooters there has also been about a 20% increase in rider activations and a 25% increase in total rides across our modes in the e-scooter operating area. 

Working in close partnership with Ninebot and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., the scooter also includes a vision processing unit powered by AI and machine learning to help unlock a new standard for accuracy in sidewalk detection that will help improve rider safety and help us provide invaluable data to cities.

“Our new scooter is a purpose built fleet vehicle for urban riding, using the expertise of Ninebot and Lyft’s learnings to improve upon our previous joint efforts. This ensures it is extremely reliable and theft resistant, while keeping safety and rider experience top of mind,” said Eugene Kwak, Director of Product for Lyft Transit, Bikes and Scooters

“AI is the way to respond to the increased safety demands and help cities maintain safe and orderly bike lanes and sidewalks. It's great to partner with Lyft to bring new vehicles to make every Lyft ride sustainable, safer, and more efficient,” said Alan Zhao, Director of the Commercial Mobility Business Division at Segway-Ninebot

“Qualcomm Technologies is proud to be collaborating with Lyft on the launch of their latest, next-generation scooter,” said Juho Sarvikas, VP & President, North America, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “The Qualcomm® QCS6125 edge AI capabilities enable object and sidewalk detection, ensuring Lyft scooter riders both a smarter and safer experience.”

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Safety & Versatility

  • Parking versatility: Dock and dockless parking options allow scooters to be docked into designated stations or in parking zones to avoid cluttering sidewalks and streets. Audio and visual cues alert riders to restrictions in real-time (no-parking, no-ride zones).

  • Charging versatility: This new scooter has a 50-mile range and swappable batteries which can be changed in-field to improve system reliability and sustainability - all while keeping riders on the move. Later this year, we’ll be releasing a model that is capable of charging in a grid-connected station. 

  • Sidewalk riding detection: The integrated vision system enables the scooter to perceive road information using machine learning, determine if the rider is in the correct lane, and alert them if they’re not.

Comfort & Control 

  • Phone mount: The new phone holder and charger allows for in-ride navigation and a full battery bar.

  • Dual handbrakes: Built with safety in mind, the dual handbrakes and active motor braking give riders ultimate control and stopping power.

  • Turn signals:  Riders can easily signal their next move to others without taking their hands off the handlebars.

Smooth Riding

  • More power: Riders can start up quickly and zoom along with our mighty motor.

  • Suspension: No matter where the road leads, the new suspension system helps give riders a smooth ride despite every bump on the road.

  • New tires: The airless tires with anti-slip tread patterns ensure a reliable ride,  increasing vehicle uptime and minimizing maintenance needs.